Relationship with a Blue & a Crysta

Relationship with Blues & Crystals

This relationship has the potential to be harmonious. Blues are
sensitive enough to support and protect the Crystals' emotionally
fragile nature. Both have an appreciation for the esthetic and
spiritual things in life, so they can create a beautiful, gentle, and
loving environment together.

Blues typically love having an abundance of friends around them. They
also love to spend time emotionally connecting with their mates.
Crystals tend to shy away from people and social activities. Blues
need to be understanding and not take it personally when Crystals
withdraw. And Crystals need to learn to emerge from their hibernation
frequently to be with the Blues. If Crystals can learn to express
appreciation to the Blues, and Blues can learn when to gently give
love and when to be still, these two can create a wonderfully
compatible relationship.

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