Our sense of "Reality" is shifting!!

I get very excited when I find information that validates what I have
experienced and believe - that we and "reality" are more than what
we've been taught! We are evolving our consciousness! Way fun!

Even National Geographic is showing some amazing shows: "Naked
Science" - the segment on Parallel Universes. Very cool!

I discuss on my radio show how we can use parallel universes to change
our personal lives! Here are 2 links - there are more on the radio
Multi Dimensions: http://www.netbriefings.com/event/auracolors/Archives/radioshow/images/2010nov24Oslie.mp3
Parallel Universes: http://www.netbriefings.com/event/auracolors/Archives/radioshow/images/2010jan27Oslie.mp3

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