"Through the Wormhole" Series!

Anytime I run across amazing information - I'm always going to share
it with you. You can check it out or delete it. I'm not attached to
it! I just like sharing great things that I think could inspire and
help others. So I'm going to list a bunch of great links in the
following posts.

The first one is "Through the Wormhole" http://science.discovery.com/tv/through-the-wormhole/
Have you seen this cool series on the Science Channel? It's hosted
by Morgan Freeman and it's awesome! It has segments on Consciousness,
Time, Parallel Universes, The Sixth Sense, Time Travel, and so many
other awesome topics that science is now discovering! I love it! It's
on Wednesday nights. It really does show that our consciousness and
beliefs about reality are shifting! The discoveries are reaching the
mainstream very quickly now! It's exciting to me!

1 comment:

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