The Monkees & Parallel Universes

I had an unusual "parallel universe" experience a few days ago. I got
to hang out with The Monkees. Watching their 60s TV show play in the
background during the concert - I saw the young teens I had a crush
on. Performing in front of that were the 60+ year old guys. My younger
days collided with my current life - one picture superimposed over the
other. Then hanging with them backstage - I saw the youth still in
their eyes. It was such a strange "parallel universe" feeling. Has
anyone else ever had a similar experience? If so, please share!! I've
experienced parallel universes before - but not like that. I had no
sense of time, a confusing sense of my age - and could see that these
two "realities" were both still occurring - at least in my
consciousness. It felt like no time had passed, and simultaneously
felt like my youth was another lifetime. What an experience.

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