Happy 2011 To You All! We Learn About 'REDS'

Happy 2011 to you all!

Hey, it’s Pam Oslie, founder of LoveColors & AuraColors.com. I’m excited to begin a wonderful new year and hope you are too! I thought, since Valentine's Day is fast approaching, it would be fun to share some insights on love and relationships – whether you’re single or in a great relationship. Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting some short descriptions of what the different aura color personalities need to have happy and fulfilling relationships. (Hopefully you know your aura colors. If you don’t, you can go to www.LoveColors.com or www.AuraColors.com and quickly take the quiz.)

We’ll start with REDS!

Reds: Anyone who is going to spend quality time with Reds will need to be healthy and in great physical shape. Most Reds enjoy strenuous, robust activities. They prefer partners who have strength, stamina, and vitality. There are the traditional, hardworking, salt-of-the-earth Reds, as well as the zesty, hot-blooded, physically passionate lovers. The strong-willed Reds are happiest with partners who are highly physical, independent, trustworthy, and self-sufficient, with a strong sense of self-worth.


  1. Great article, love how you describe the colors to us.
    You might want to change the title for your posting from 2001 to 2011 :) Aloha, Tanja

  2. Thank you Tanja, Thanks also for catching that little typo in the date. I appreciate you helping us. I hope you have a great year and that you have lots of love in your life!! Smiles, Pam

  3. Hi Pam,
    Your aura descriptions, as far as my colors, are uncanny!
    One question: Is it possible for someone to have an aura of Red / Yellow?

  4. Yes - it is possible for someone to have a Red/Yellow aura! Sean Penn used to have more Yellow with his Red - but some of his Yellow has faded and his Red is much stronger. I hope you're loving your life journey! Pam