Taking Calls on my Radio Show Today!

I will be taking calls on my radio show today, Jan 19. Feel free to call in if you have any questions or comments. The toll free number is 866-564-1290 or in Santa Barbara 564-1290. The show airs live on KZSB 1290 AM or via my website www.auracolors.com. Thank you for your support of this show! I love all the email and calls I receive from you. You all rock! Happy 2011 to you, Pam Oslie


  1. Hi Pam! I haven't been able to hear your show recently. I have a great new job-- and it's wonderful -- thanks for the guidance. I had a question though, and was wondering: Do you know the aura colors for Seattle? I'd love to hear what they are if you can tell me. Thanks so much for everything, Mary

  2. HI Mary, Congratulations on your new job!!! I'm glad you like it! Seattle is Violet - the entire Pacific NW is mostly Violet.

    You can always listen to the radio show in the Archives on my website - www.auracolors.com (which is what you're on right now.) just go to the Radio Archives.

    Have a great 2011! Thanks for thinking of me. Smiles, Pam