Miscellaneous questions from a reader

1. Have you ever seen Crystal in a combination? If so, what combination(s).

Yes, so far mostly Crystal/Blue, Crystal/Violet, and Crystal/Yellow.


2. How rare are Crystals, or how rarely do you see them?

Rare - but hard to tell since so many Crystals appear to be other colors. It is often difficult to tell at a glance if I'm walking down the street and just notice people without really tuning into them. And not that many Crystals have come to me for private sessions. I've had a few though - maybe 6-7.


3. What combinations have you seen with Lavender?

Mostly Violet/Lavender and Blue/Lavender


4. How rare would you say Lavenders are?

Pretty rare in my experience - although I've seen more Lavenders than Crystals.


5. Is it possible for eclipse colors to be in combinations?

Not sure what you mean by an "eclipse" color - an overlay?

(Reader's response: Sorry, by eclipse color I meant Enviromental Tan, Sensitive Tan, and Abstract Tan.


6. Is it possible for red-overlays to develop later in life?

Yes - especially after any sort of serious trauma - like an accident or surgery or physical abuse.


7. Have you ever seen any colors other than red or violet manifest themselves in an over-lay? If so, what were they, and what sort of effect did they seem to have?

I only see red-overlays. All the other colors are just "added" into the outer bands of an aura - and those can change easily.


8. How can you distinguish an over-lay from any other outer band?

Most outer bands can change easily - as moods or priorities or whatever a person is focused on at the time changes. For example, people often add Tan to their aura if they're writing a book or doing something else that requires attention to detail at the time. Or people add Green to their outer bands if they're intensely focused on making more money for a while.

I guess if you are going to call anything an "overlay" I would say that is more of a long-term color trait that people add over their true life colors because they think they "should be" that color rather than their real life colors. (For example, people often add Tan because they think they "should" be a Tan rather than their true Violet or Yellow. As a result, they then think and behave like a Tan, but it's not their original or true self so they never feel quite happy or fulfilled.


9. Have you seen any colors in the outer bands that are not typical life colors? If so, what do you believe they mean?

I see white and pink in the outer bands - neither of which is a life color. The information about each of these colors is in my book Life Colors.


10. Approximately, how many outer bands does a person's aura typically contain?

Each person is different. Some people only have a few (3-4) outer bands; others can have more, sometimes over 10-20 different outer bands.

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