You are powerful and you're worth more than money or possessions.

If any of us is going through challenging times right now (with all the troubling financial news circulating these days), I think it's just an opportunity to see who we really are and what we believe. On the "material" plane, we get to see if we believe we are more important than money - or if money defines us and gives us our sense of security. It's amazing how depressed or frightened many of us can become if our money and possessions are threatened - it's as if we find our  sense of identity, courage, and strength in bits of paper and things. 

Maybe everything appears to be falling apart because we've placed our "security" in outside things rather than within ourselves or in our connection with Source. (We're all in this together - so be of good cheer, you're really not alone. Most of us don't really envision ourselves living on the street. We've gotten ourselves this far - we'll be okay.) 

Change can scare so many - but in hind-sight, change usually and ultimately proves to be beneficial. I have noticed that people who are used to being independent and self-sufficient seem to be less fearful of change. Most of them say they are confident that they can create something to keep their lives going, and that these times will pass - they always do. It's all perspective. If you're used to being taken care of, of someone else providing your security - whether that is through a paycheck or something else - this can be your opportunity now to find your own inner strength and begin really believing in yourself. We know that if we become fearful, we'll be less able to think clearly, making it more challenging to find or to create solutions.

Now, on a non-material plane, I honestly believe that these times provide an opportunity for me to "walk my talk" - to see if I really can create new circumstances by shifting my consciousness, by envisioning the situation differently. I found it does work! It's fun and exciting to see that the "I create my own reality" concept really works. (I wonder if I would focus on that concept very strongly if everything in my life was easy and comfortable. I probably wouldn't be that motivated to test it or prove it to myself.)

If you heard yesterday's radio show (Dec 10, 2008), scientist Leo Kim explained how science is being turned upside down! Science really is discovering that our understanding of reality is changing.  "Materialism" (the belief that only physical or material things are real) is being questioned and even refuted. I think these are incredibly exciting times we're living in. Leo Kim discussed how science and spirituality are merging together and saying the same thing - that we really are energy, that who we really are is not physical at all, and that our thinking or consciousness creates our reality! If you want to hear the entire show, go to the radio show archives on my site. It's fascinating to see what science is accepting as real now. If we could just finally see what the new science is saying (what spirituality has been saying forever) - our lives would change dramatically!!!! We wouldn't be afraid of our outer circumstances, of losing our jobs, of never finding love, or of anything else. We would know that we could create anything! What freedom!! 

I know it's a huge shift in the way we have been trained to think, and goes in the face of what we think we see as physically real - but throughout history we have evolved and changed the way we see and understand life and the universe. It's time for us to evolve again. We're actually in the midst of that evolution now.

Focus on and BELIEVE that you are abundant, joyful, and loved. Focus on being loving, generous, and confident - have faith in life and your Source. You might not always get what you desire - but you'll always get what you believe!! Notice your self-talk so you can see what you are believing and focusing on. You'll get more of what you focus on - hard times or abundance. To change your life, change your thoughts and beliefs. It's that simple. It may also take a shift in your understanding of how life works and how we create, in order to believe that your thoughts make a difference.

This was longer than I planned on, but oh well. There's so much more to talk about - another time.



  1. Interesting that Science and Spirituality are merging. I think it was in one of Zecharia Sitchin's books, I learned that Science and Religion were originally treated as one subject. (They are, really .. the study of Truth) We've come full circle!

  2. Thank you Kathy! Great information on Sitchin! And the circle moves higher! Pam