My new life declaration!

I have a new declaration for my life that I say every morning when I wake up - to set the intention for the day. It's working so well for me I thought I'd share it with you. I'd love to see all of us joining in consciousness to create wonderful, amazing things on the planet! We could create a great resonance with positive thoughts and energy, and have a positive impact on life around us.

Here is my life declaration:

Life is fun, easy, and joyful! Life is full of love, abundance, prosperity, and radiant health!

I love the feeling this gives me - and it really does influence my perspective of life throughout my day.

Happy holiday adventures to all of you!


Also, thank you to all of you who are contributing to my blog and sharing your thoughts with us! I love hearing what's going on with people - how you're feeling and what you're thinking. Thanks for taking the time. 


  1. Pam as always this is great information. But for myself and all other parents out there locked inside the house with the kids because it's raining I'm going to change the words a bit. Here is my version. Parenting is fun, easy, and joyful! Parenting is full of love, abundance, prosperity, and radiant health! I'm tweeting this on twitter everyday. Thanks!

  2. That's a great version of the declaration!! I love that you personalized it and made it your own!
    Happy holidays with the kids! Pam

  3. Merry Christmas. Hope Santa blessed you with everything on your wishlist.