So you want to know how to live with your color?

Laurie just asked me what to do with her life - now that she's discovered she has a Crystal aura? (Thanks for writing to me, by the way, Laurie.)

Both of my books - Life Colors and Love Colors - have a huge amount of information about what to do to make your life fulfilled as a Crystal! I've written a lot about every color and how each can live happy and balanced lives. It would take a whole book if I wrote it all again in this blog.  (wink)

I hope you can find the books and discover the answer to your question. If not, then contact me and we'll do a more in-depth, private session to get even more information about your life!

Have fun reading about yourself.



  1. Thanks, Pam. I'll get your book!


  2. Thanks, Pam. Just bought your book on Amazon. I'm looking forward to reading it!

  3. Alright...I wrote Pam this message and she requested that I post it on here. This is how I was feeling at that particular point in time. Some of these things may pertain to your journey. This is posted in respect to you and your life paths. As I said, it was how I was feeling at that moment. I didn't feel right changing too much. I certainly do not know everything there is to know. But I hope you find some wisdom for yourself in my rant.

    Hello Pam...

    Okay, I hope you understand that it is the violet coming out in me with this (you know how we can be.) So firstly, I found Abraham/Esther Hicks and may I say...the law of attraction clicked. I saw a long special on youtube (since removed due to youtube rules about copyright--I think)...it had 92 parts to it (I got to 63 before it was removed), each part was around 10 minutes long. It all made sense once I was through watching them. So my energy has greatly lifted since we last spoke.

    But today Pam...today I am mad. Not at you! But mad...I suppose this will make me sound out of power. I suppose one might say "We all have different paths." But I can't say that today. The one thing that I have a bug up my hiny about...is people having children. I know that everyone has them (most anyway), so I will sound odd in saying this. I don't want children and I do not want to get married. I can't understand why it is that 80% of people in this country (I looked up the stats) want kids! Why is it that no one opts instead to go against the grain and spend their lives learning and growing....exploring the world and the possibilities. I get we're all on our own paths...but if that is true, why do they all go down the same path?! Not exactly the same...but they all do the big stuff the same. There is so much tremendous freedom in not having kids, why does no one value that? The answers I get are something like: I want to love something unconditionally, I wont feel whole without a child, I want to see them grow, I want a part of me to carry on after I'm gone, I want my name to carry on. But why don't we spend that love on the people in this world who are lost and suffering? Why do they have to be OUR children, why can't we take care of the children that came in with a different experience than us (Who are blind, can't walk etc.)? Or children who have AIDS? Or who lost their family to AIDS, Starvation and war? Why does it have to be a child....there are all kinds of people who are lost and suffering who need love? Plus we are over populated. I suppose I could say that these people can have these kids without these issues because there is always enough because the Universe is Abundant. But I just can't say that! All these people in the world and no one takes care of them...they just make more people!

    Also, why marriage? I heard a lady on the radio who said if her partner didn't marry her, she would dump him! I thought "You have love and you'd give it up over ring, a piece of paper and a title?" I mean, I am sure it means more to them. But we commit with our hearts, our souls...not with a piece of paper. We have something like a 70% divorce rate...it doesn't seem to be working. I am not like 80% of the people in this world...I don't get them. They frustrate me to no end and make me so mad! I feel like I don't belong here. I even refer to the human race as "Them", because I feel so apart....technically I'm a human...but I sure don't feel like it. I feel like I am away from home, from my people.....people who view their species as one and don't get silly about things like countries, race, religion, sexual preference and gender identity. People who view love as a divine, Universal thing...rather than man made things like ceremonies, pieces of jewelry and legal contract. People who don't feel like god hates and judges them. People who don't need to make more people to be happy. People who want adventures and to connect with the Universe. People who aren't all "practical." People who love the earth and animals and value beauty. I feel people are so dishonest..not intentionally...but like they have this layer up and are scared to put it down. They always talk about their jobs, the weather. this and that and never connect soul to soul. It feels dishonest. We get so hung up on stupid stuff "It HAS TO BE MY KID" well why can't you love the kids that are already here. Age doesn't make a difference...love everyone, everyone needs it! We are still hung up on these stinking little boxes and titles and "Must have this to live." They're still solving their problems with wars. They are doing the same thing they have always done.

    I've seen my older sisters become mothers and it is like there is nothing else. They become different people too.

    More over, if people are not willing to change at all, why are we violets here. We come here to save them and the pig-headed turds get defensive and wont listen to anything we say!
    Or if the law of attraction is right and we need to stop trying to change everything and stop raising our voices...why are we violets here? We no longer serve a purpose if there is nothing to save or change. Are we all feeling like we don't fit in here and it is hopeless because we're meant to die and go back? I sense that amongst my fellow violets..that this is the case. I know we all have different paths...but there feels like there is something deeper to all of this. I must havsome insights as to why this is the way that it is because this is driving me nutty! Thanks Pam...I'll get this telapathic thing down soon and just ask these questions the simple way. lol

  4. HI Carolyn,

    Sorry for the delay in responding. I've been traveling and busy with clients.

    I'm glad you know you're a Crystal. And I'm glad you've read both books. I don't have any plans right now to write any more about Crystals - I've written everything I know so far. Hey maybe you and your Crystal friends could write about Crystals - from a first-hand account?? What a great idea!! Because I'm not a Crystal so there's only so much I can say. If you don't want to write a book or start a web site - you can always write things on my blog that others (especially other Crystals) can read and comment on? I'm happy to have you do that. I know you all have special challenges - and special adventures. Maybe what you write could help others understand Crystals better?

    Maybe you Crystals are here to create environments that are calm, peaceful, and loving. Goodness knows we don't have enough of those in the world. Or maybe you're here to create understanding about each of our differences - so people can learn to allow and accept others as they are. Or maybe some Crystals are just here to live and enjoy and appreciate life - and show others that is possible to do?

    I hope you don't get stuck or trapped with the "unknowing." Start believing you do have answers deep inside.

    Hey would you be open to posting this on my blog so others can read it? It might help other Crystals see they're not alone. We could just copy and paste it into my blog. If you're up for it?


    OK, Pam,
    Here it is:
    And thanks for the ideas! I LOVE creating beautiful, peaceful environments - it's always been my dream to have a natural home and do that. And I've thought about writing. Not sure I have enough info for a book, though...
    Oh, and as a PS to the Violet who posted about kids, neither I nor any of the Crystals I know have kids or particularly want them - not that I think I think everyone needs to be that way,.. just fyi :-)

    > Hi Pamala,
    > I've read both your books and had a reading with you and I am so grateful for your work. I am primarily a Crystal (though you saw some Yellow, Blue and Violet as well in our reading), and knowing that has helped me not feel quite so odd in the world, as I find I am not drawn to much of what the world finds important (big career success, world travel, etc..). I have learned to quickly recognize many Violets, Yellows, Tans, Blues, and some Greens in my world, as their personalities and interests are right on the mark of what you describe.
    > Are you going to put out any more info on Crystals? To my knowledge, you are the only one who has anything out there about adult Crystals. I know of two other Crystals - one is in her early 60s, a good friend of mine, and the other is the son of another friend - he is in his 20s. I notice that all of us are very drawn to various forms of healing work and seem to be total naturals at it - BUT we get training in various things and don't stay with any of them for long. Something just isn't there. We all still are very aware of not being like most people, and that is hard - especially for me and Jenny. We also seem to have a tough time finding our soulmates (though Jenny isn't sure she even wants one now). DJ is a charming, very handsome young guy who has hardly ever dated - he just can't find anyone to relate to, even though he longs for his mate at times. I've tried for two years with online dating and learned a lot, but I seem to be too intense in my feelings for most guys - they run as soon as I try to get a deeper connection going(yellow combos - ugh! They just bail without warning or explanation)- however, I just turned 42 yesterday and I'm going to try to approach it differently this year and see if I can relax and let it come to me instead of pushing to make it happen. Not easy, but I think I'm worn out enough to do it! :-)
    > I guess the other reason I'd like to know more about Crystal adults is that even within the spiritual community, there are all sorts of teleseminars and such on how to find your passion and get your work out in the world, etc (probably all started by Violets!). Sometimes Jenny and I feel like there's something lacking with us even within the spiritual community as we can't seem to (and probably really don't care to) find our work in the world in a form that looks like it "should." I work for a bank in a very simple, routine job. The pay isn't great, but I love my co-workers, benefits, and the casual, zero-stress atmosphere. That hardly sounds like an "authentic life path" or "my life work," but every time I think about starting some business, I just cringe. I need peace above all else and I can't deal with the stress and effort it takes to run a business or handle a typical high-paying job, even though I have the education and intelligence to do it. That made me feel ashamed of myself for years. I'm just now getting to a point of acceptance, I think.
    > I know you said Crystals often don't have the drive to start their own businesses. That sure seems true, but it would be nice if we could find some more support for what we are here to do - and honestly I don't think we even know what we are here to do! It can be a really tough path. Jenny and I both feel resistance at the whole idea of having to work to support ourselves, though I've pretty much surrendered as I can't figure out a way around that. DJ works a routine job and manifests money easily enough, but he also doesn't seem to be passionately drawn to any sort of work. Though all of us have manifested large sums of money at different times that came without having to work for it. Anyhow, I just would love any more insights you might have into the life purpose of Crystals. Any more info you could put out there would be awesome!
    > Thanks so much,