re: Frustration for Violets

Hi Alex,
You are such a Violet! I love it!  Have you read Life Colors & Love Colors? You're using all the words that Violets use. I do show Violets how to stay "in power" in my book - so you're not so frustrated by the conditions on the planet. (I know how you Violets get frustrated with the level of (un)consciousness here.)

Violets - in power -  teach by example. (And yes - just like you said - Out of power, Violets tend to preach, judge, and become irritated and impatient with the "stupidity" of people.)  smiles.....

Living it - showing by example that there is another way to do life - is the best way to show people what you're talking about. Telling people they're stupid or wrong - will just make them withdraw and not listen. (Most of us hate being told what to do. All of us dislike being told we're stupid or wrong.)

Violets get to learn to see the bigger picture - not the small details ... and see that we are all in this together. (Not that you like hearing that.) So what do you think Violets are here to learn - and then do?

Anyway, keep smiling. Things are changing. I'm seeing it - and people are saying different things to me. I'm seeing a lot of Violet clients who are desperately trying to find a way to help the planet. (And none of them are talking about kids and husbands - unless they're creating drama in their lives as a way to avoid facing their own issues.)

Have fun! I know it can be challenging to be a Violet. But - you did choose it - so I guess you wanted the bigger challenges and the bigger questions. (The payoff is bigger though - when you finally find your answers and make peace with it all.)



  1. This is a great reminder for my violet. Thanks.

  2. Pam also requested that I post the e mail that followed. So here it is (when things clicked in my head).

    Aha! I knew it. Make life look bigger and sweeter. I turn my life into something incredible, big, great and delicious and then speak from my personal experience of how great it is then others will go "Hmmm...that look terrific." I add a touch of inspiration and they know they can do it too. They see there is more. That way it looks yummy and not challenging. Oh and if they are rebellious...they have Yellow...and if they have yellow they are curious and like things that look like fun! So...I go big, attract everyone's attention...pull them into my story and make them think it's looking pretty nice. Sounds good..

  3. Pardon the typo...looks terrific, not look. hehe