Regarding different experiences of the aura -

Many people see and sense the same aura colors that I do, and they
interpret the meanings of those colors in the same way.(Dr. Barbara
Bowers & Nancy Tappe are two examples - they experience the same
colors and meanings that I do.)

However, there are also people who see and experience the auras
differently. Some healers sense a different frequency - for example,
they see holes or rips in the aura. I haven't seen those in the aura,
but I know others do. Some people see the "emotional" qualities in the
aura - the colors that change with the person's feelings. I see those
changing colors in the outer bands of the aura. Most Kirilian cameras
measure the emotional frequencies around a person rather than the
"life colors" that I see. Some people have asked me about the black
they see in a person's aura. I have never seen a black aura - but I
believe those people when they tell me they see black in an aura.

We may each have a different experience of the aura, just like we
often taste foods differently than one another, or have a different
experience and understanding of God, or we each have a different
experience and interpret life differently - for examples how we see
politics, nature, animals, etc. Just because we see the world
differently, doesn't mean that one person is wrong and another right.
They are each different experiences and interpretations.

If you, or someone you know, sees or senses the aura differently than
what I have described here - always trust your own experience of the
aura. That is what is right for you! We are just having different
experiences. Every person's experience is valid.


  1. Hi Pam - thank you for sharing. I am just starting to tap into something, and find all of your information very helpful. According to your aura test, I have a crystal life aura. Somewhere in my being I know this to be true, but what do you do with it? How do you develop it into being who you were meant to be? Thanks again for the blog and for sharing! -Laurie

  2. Hi Pamala,

    I've read both your books and had a reading with you and I am so grateful for your work. I am primarily a Crystal, and knowing that has helped me not feel quite so odd in the world, as I find I am not drawn to much of what the world finds important (big career success, world travel, etc..). I have learned to quickly recognize many Violets, Yellows, Tans, Blues, and some Greens in my world, as their personalities and interests are right on the mark of what you describe.

    Are you going to put out any more info on Crystals? To my knowledge, you are the only one who has anything out there about adult Crystals. I know of two other Crystals - one is in her early 60s, a good friend of mine, and the other is the son of another friend - he is in his 20s (he may have some Violet in there too, but definitely has Crystal qualities). I notice that all of us are very drawn to various forms of healing work and seem to be total naturals at it - BUT we get training in various things and don't stay with any of them for long. Something just isn't there. We all still are very aware of not being like most people, and that is hard - especially for me and Jenny. We also seem to have a tough time finding our soulmates (though Jenny isn't sure she even wants one now). The Crystal guy is a charming, very handsome young guy who has hardly ever dated - he just can't find anyone to relate to, even though he longs to find that special one. I've tried for two years with online dating and learned a lot, but I seem to be too intense in my feelings for most guys - they run as soon as I try to get a deeper connection going(yellow combos - ugh! They just bail without warning or explanation)- however, I just turned 42 yesterday and I'm going to try to approach it differently this year and see if I can relax and let it come to me instead of pushing to make it happen. Not easy, but I think I'm worn out enough to do it! :-)

    I guess the other reason I'd like to know more about Crystal adults is that even within the spiritual community, there are all sorts of teleseminars and such on how to find your passion and get your work out in the world, etc (probably all started by Violets!). Sometimes Jenny and I feel like there's something lacking with us even within the spiritual community as we can't seem to (and probably really don't care to) find our work in the world in a form that looks like it "should." I work for Wells Fargo in a very simple, routine job. The pay isn't great, but I love my co-workers, benefits, and the casual, zero-stress atmosphere. That hardly sounds like an "authentic life path" or "my life work," but every time I think about starting some business, I just cringe. I need peace above all else and I can't deal with the stress and effort it takes to run a business or handle a typical high-paying job, even though I have the education and intelligence to do it. That made me feel ashamed of myself for years. I'm just now getting to a point of acceptance, I think.

    I know you said Crystals often don't have the drive to start their own businesses. That sure seems true, but it would be nice if we could find some more support for what we are here to do - and honestly I don't think we even know what we are here to do! It can be a really tough path. Jenny and I both feel resistance at the whole idea of having to work to support ourselves, though I've pretty much surrendered as I can't figure out a way around that. The guy works a routine job and manifests money easily enough, but he also doesn't seem to be passionately drawn to any particular work. Though all of us have manifested large sums of money at different times that came without having to work for it. Anyhow, I just would love any more insights you might have into the life purpose of Crystals. Any more info you could put out there would be awesome!

    Thanks so much,

    HI Carolyn,
    Thank you for taking the time to write to me and for letting others read your words and questions.

    I'm glad you know you're a Crystal. And I'm glad you've read both books. I don't have any plans right now to write any more about Crystals - I've written everything I know so far. Hey maybe you and your Crystal friends could write about Crystals - from a first-hand account?? What a great idea!! Because I'm not a Crystal so there's only so much I can say. If you don't want to write a book or start a web site - you can always write things on my blog that others (especially other Crystals) can read and comment on? I'm happy to have you do that. I know you all have special challenges - and special adventures. Maybe what you write could help others understand Crystals better?

    Maybe you Crystals are here to create environments that are calm, peaceful, and loving. Goodness knows we don't have enough of those in the world. Or maybe you're here to create understanding about each of our differences - so people can learn to allow and accept others as they are. Or maybe some Crystals are just here to live and enjoy and appreciate life - and show others that is possible to do that?

    I hope you don't get stuck or trapped with the "unknowing." Start believing you do have answers deep inside.


  3. Hi, I scored highest scores as an Enviro Tan , Yellow and Crystal (all 8's) and 2nd Highest for Indigo and Violet (6's) on that test you have on your site here.

    I always had a hunch I had some crystal in me . I've always felt that my mission in life is not to have some World changing career, but to be an Encouragement to others who may have that dramatic of a mission.

    A crystal can be someone who works in the invisible to help support those who work in the physical ...

    Just as salt is invisible when it is placed in food, but you sure as heck can taste it, can't you!

    Salt works quietly but makes a big difference.

    Just my 2 cents..

  4. Hi Boldylocks!
    I love your analogy of the Crystal working in the invisible to help support others - like salt affects our food! What a great image. It's perfect. Thanks for sharing it. I'm glad to know we have at least one person with Crystal doing that!
    ; ) Smiles, Pam