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Well I wrote a long note to Lala thanking him for his fascinating message in the comments in this blog, but for some reason I haven't been able to respond to his specific comment within the comments section - ah technology. So I apologize to Lala for responding in a public way. Although, Lala, the people who write in this blog all seem to be kind, curious, and understanding, so I think you are safe.

Anyway, thank you Lala and your scientific friends for being so open-minded about the possibility of auras existing. Yes, I do readings on the phone, in person, on the radio, and on television, so calling from Sweden is not a problem. I have spoken to clients all over the world whom I've never met in person.

Anyone who desires a private session only has to email me at auracolors@auracolors.com or call my office in Santa Barbara, California at 805-687-6604. (Hopefully you know the country code.) I currently have a 6 month waiting list, but clients have commented that their session came up at the perfect time.

Thank you Lala - and I hope I will be able to actually sense your true life colors. It is commong for different life color descriptions to describe only a part of the person. Most people have 2 original life colors - and have added 1 or 2 other significant colors into their outer bands. So don't be dismayed that so many different colors described you in some way.

I look forward to speaking with you. And thank you again for your openness and fair-mindedness.

Also thank you Aureus Animus for sharing such a cool story! I wonder if anyone else has had similar experiences? I'd love to hear about them, if so.

Have fun!

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  1. Thank you so much for your reply. I will drop you an e-mail. By the way, I'm a "she," not a "he," but nevermind. ;-)