What do the colors mean to you?

I'm excited to know others are seeing auras as well. I find it so interesting that many people who are seeing the aura are often seeing different colors than what I see. How fun though. Do those of you who do see the aura know what the different colors mean to you? Do you have an interpretation of what you're seeing? I'd love to hear about it.


  1. Hi Pam!

    I can't say I have actually seen an aura. Though I would really love to learn how to. I once had my aura read. That was really cool. I just finished reading your Life Colors book. I scored high on both Sensitive Tan & Blue. Yellow coming in third. After reading about the individual colors, I knew immediately I was a Blue. I am possibly a Blue/Yellow, but not totally sure yet. About 3 months ago I met someone online that told me he saw Blue & Yellow in my aura. He asked if I was a massage therapist or had an interest in it. I told him I was not, but that it was an interesting field. He went on to say that I am a natural born healer. And that he sees me seeing colors (auras) in the near future. I remembered your auracolors website from visiting it in the past and taking your test. I hadn't visited in awhile. So I took the test again and added your Life Colors book to my amazon.com wishlist. I was gifted the book for Yule by a good friend. I couldn't be happier that she choice your book. I am going to have my husband take the test. And I am looking forward to practicing your techniques on learning to see auras. I will definately be buying Make Your Dreams Come True and your new book when it becomes available. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and inner knowing with us. I highly recommend your website to all my friends. And now I will do the same with your book.

    Thank you. ;)

    Many Blessings!

  2. Thank you Centauri for such a nice message. I'm glad your friend bought you Life Colors and that you're having so much fun with it. I bet you are a Blue/Yellow who has learned the Sensitive Tan qualities. I hope I get to meet you in person some day - maybe when I'm on book tour for Love Colors. I'll be posting my tour schedule sometime in the near future. I hope you let me know if you are able to start seeing or sensing the aura! That would be great!

    I sincerely appreciate that you are sharing the aura colors work with all your friends. I hope you have a great 2007! Keep in touch with any new abilities that develop with you.

    Best wishes for a grand life journey!

  3. Hello Pamala. My name is Matt. My experience with seeing auras is minimal. I often see light bands of almost transparent color around objects and sometimes people. It is usually a pale green or green blue and sometimes yellowish or pinkish reddish or white. It is almost impercievable and seems to be enveloping the subject or emanating from it. I always interpreted it as being either the refraction of light bouncing off the suraface of the object or the ethereal substance, the universal energy, which underlies all things or both. When I told trusted people about this, their reactions were that this is not normal; 'seeing energy' that is. I often thought that my vision is impaired and that this phenomena is due to the poor condition of my right eye. At my last vision test my score was 30/50, but I refuse to wear glasses. Anyway, I feel that the colors and etheric light I see are something more than just hallucinations. I've read many books about 'seeing energy' and met a couple people who claim to see auras. Is everyone imagining this/hallucinating/suffering from impaired vision? Or is there something more to what people believe is physical reality? I prefer the latter. Thanx alot for all the work you've done.
    May God bless you with Love and harmony in all that you do -Matt

  4. Hi Matt,
    It's so fascinating - the experiences you have with the aura. I wonder if the colors you're seeing mean the same as the colors I see.. And of course, I - just like you - believe that it is not just hallucinations or impaired vision. Too many of us are seeing or sensing auras. It's going to be so fascinating to see where this all goes and how much our consciousness evolves in the future. Thank you for playing and responding to the blogs.

    ; )

  5. AnonymousMay 08, 2007

    Hi Pam,
    Sory it took so long for me to come back here. Thank you for responding. I also wonder if our interpretations of the colors we see are similiar and if they contrast why. I'm betting it's because we have unique perspectives. When I see 'random' points of light and shapes they are mostly blue, green, white, and sometimes pink or red. Since I last wrote here I've had two more experiences with seeing the auras of living things. On Easter I was having dinner with some people from Church (It's a Christian Bible Church and I disagree with most of the things they say are true, but still attend for fellowship). They were instructing me on what the Bibles says about God, Hell, etc. I was asking a lot of questions and they were loving it because these are things they ask themselves but never get answers to because they just take it on faith. Anyway, I was sitting about 10 ft. from the Elder who was talking to me and as I was staring at him, I began to see a soft light around his body. It is hard to describe. I'm sure you see bold, definite, and distinct colors. But the color I was seeing was faint and could best be described as greenish. Perhaps, because he was being logical at the time. But, that is the color I see most of the time. I don't think his Life Color is green, he seems more of a yellow at times, tan at others. Maybe he is green, because his thinking is very straightforward and logical. ANyway, my second experience was a purposeful experiemnt. At the time I found your site I was doing a lot of reading about auras and seeing auras elsewhere on the net. I stored some info but didn't attempt anything. But, just last week I decided to try to practice. I sat down under a bright light and put an apple on a blank sheet of computer paper. The info I researched said that we see auaras with our peripheral vision and I know that the couple of times I've seen them my eyes were a little crossed which probably seems very silly and weird to an outisde observer. Do I have to do this and do others who don't see auras naturally because we are taught from birth not to see them, that they are just hallucinations? Anyway, when I stared at the apple and looked at as a whole and thought positive thoughts I saw it's auric field. It was red apple, but the field was green like the otehr times. It was still very exciting and encouraged me. I know what I'm seeing has a basis in reality. So how would you explain that the majority of the 'energy' that I see is greenish. Is it because that it is a lower frequency and I am not trained/and or naturally gifted with clear auric vision, so tht is the frequency I see? And what about the streaks of white light I see from time to time and the points of light that I see wsiriling around when I look at a clear sky? I am interested to hear what you make of all this.

    In Love and Light. -Matt

  6. HI Matt,

    My apologies that I didn't know you wrote more in this blog. Thanks for writing so many interesting things in your note.

    First, I don't always see bright or bold colors - sometimes it is a soft glow like what you've described. And it is often the case that people see auras when they look with "soft eyes." It doesn't sound silly to me at all that you sometimes cross your eyes to see them. We're all different. Do whatever works for you.

    I'm not exactly sure why you predominatly see green around people - but I'm not assuming there's anything wrong with that. I'd trust that. It may be that that is how you are first sensing the auras while others first see auras as purely white. I know each of us have unique experiences. I"m just glad that you can see anything at all. It'll be interesting to see if that green changes for you in time. I first started seeing just white - and in time, the colors started becoming clearer. Let me know as things progress for you. It may be that you always see the green glow, in which case, I'd love to know what you intuitively feel that means for you.

    I love that you are dialoging with all types of spiritual people. It sounds like you are learning through those experiences, as well as getting others to think too. AND I love that you purposely experimented with auras by using an apple. How creative you are! I've never heard of anyone doing that before. What a fun experience!

    I also see streaks and small spots of white light flying around in the air. I think we're seeing the energy that's around us. I've heard of others having the same experience. (And I don't believe it's our eyes malfunctioning. It feels like something much more than that.) I hope you continue to practice and to be so curious and open-minded about all of this!!! Trust your own experiences - and learn to ask inside what these experiences mean to you. We are each having our own unique life journeys! I love that you share them.

    Have fun!
    And thanks for writing.


  7. Hi just looking for a little information. My 8 year old daughter had mentioned to me a few months ago that she saw colors in her vision sometimes. It didn't really register to me at the time and I put it out of mind thinking I should make her an eye appointment. She didn't mention it again and I didn't follow through. Anyway, tonight she mentioned it again and this time it clicked right away with me that she must be seeing auras. I asked her more specific questions about what she was seeing. She went around the house to everyone and told me what everyone's predominant color was at the time. We then went online to research and found that the colors really did fit with the person. Since she's only 8 I don't want to scare her or confuse her but I'd like to educate her in a positive way. Could you reccomend how I would go about that? She's only in 2nd grade but reads and comprehends probably 6th grade. She sees the Auras around people & objects. She says sometimes the auras are "shapes" on top of the people or objects. Sometimes the colors are around the people/objects in her vision and sometimes it's like it's in her head looking at the people/objects from a long distance away. Thanks,

  8. HI Karen,

    How fun that your 8 year old is seeing auras AND that you are being supportive to her!! You're a rare and wonderful mother. I'm not sure what other books exist about auras - but I know there are lots of them. Of course you can always have her read Life Colors to see if that helps her understand more about how I see and experience them. I also have CDs and DVDs about the aura. Maybe other people will see your note here and also respond to your question.

    I'm glad though that you are the type of mother who will be supportive, patient, and understanding. I think it is great that you asked her what she sees. I hope you continue to listen to what she says and sees. That's a great way to help her. You're validating her. So many people started out in life with the ability to see auras, but were told they were just imagining things or that they were bad. Maybe you can find others who see auras who can share their experiences with your daughter.

    My new website will be out within the next month. I have written my story on the new site. So when that comes out, maybe you can share my story with your daughter too.

    Best wishes to you both on your fun journey.