Natural Inclination toward psychic abilities?

Hi Cordrey and everyone else blogging or emailing me. Thanks again for playing on my blog.
I've been asked how I got started doing psychic work - if I was naturally inclined toward psychic abilities thoughout my life or if I purposely pursued and studied it. It wasn't until I started doing psychic work that I realized I had had experiences earlier in my life. I just hadn't put it to psychic abilities. I was "thrown" into this work by a psychic whom I went to hear speak. I was open to exploring beyond the boundaries we had been taught, but had no idea my world would go in this direction. This psychic (or shaman) told me I had these abilities and told me to start "reading" the other people in the room. (You can read more about it on my web site.) So basically I was thrown into this world and have continued to practice it, and to study the principles behind these abilities. (Including Quantum Physics.) I have seen a strong increase in the number of people developing their psychic abilities - at least here in California. There is also an increase here of people offering psychic development classes. It's exciting to see people's minds opening and their curiousity leading them into new areas of consciousness.
Happy New Year to you all! I hope it's a fun and fulfilling year for all of us!


  1. Hi. this is my first blog response...ever. I admire your courage. I'm a fellow psychic in a small town (conservative) California. I keep my readings on the "low down" because I also have a business in town and it would scare the employees (if they knew). What a shame. I joke that in our town "psychic" is just a notch above "whore" Sad but true. When will we get the respect we deserve?

  2. Sorry it took me awhile to respond to your great message. Too bad that you feel you have to stay "low down" in your area - but I certainly understand your concern. I live in Santa Barbara so the consciousness here is very accepting. I hope you're having wonderful experiences with your psychic abilities. I honestly believe these natural abilities will become more and more accepted and used by more people. Hang in there. You know change can frighten a lot of people - but doesn't it feel like change is happening quite quickly? Maybe not in your area, huh? Well maybe other people in other areas will send you encouraging messages to support you continuing your work. Just keep "respecting" yourself and others will eventually treat you the same way. You have my support.

    And it did take courage for me to finally let myself be seen by more and more people. So thank you for your acknowledgment. I thought I could keep a lower profile by only doing a radio show vs. a televsion show. But then they plastered my picture all over the newspaper. ...Guess I'm not hiding out any more. giggle. Well come on out here when you're ready. The water is fine!!!

    Have fun!