Thanks to all of you for writing your thoughts and experiences on my blog. I appreciate you taking the time to share.

What a great question one reader had concerning my comment that the ability to see auras and other psychic abilities, is part of our evolution. I agree with the comment that these abilities are natural for all of us. I guess what I meant by the comment "I believe we are evolving" is that more and more people are discovering and using these natural abilities. I believe that part of our evolution as a species is that seeing auras, experiencing our natural psychic abilities, and other abilities that are now considered "paranormal" will become common place - we will all be using these abilities in our every day lives. Our consciousness and beliefs about reality are shifting or "evolving" into something far beyond what we have been taught in school or by other "authority" figures. These abilities are all natural - we've always had these abilities. What is evolving is our understanding, acceptance and use of these abilities.

Thank you again for all your input and comments. Happy New Year! I hope 2007 is wonderful for all of us!!

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  1. Pam,

    I’m actually impressed that you replied. I did not really expect one, but I’m glad you did. I do see your point, and I’m inclined to agree. It seems more and more common for paranormal abilities to be accepted. One thing that I’ve noticed in the online psionic community is that more and more people are fascinated by the abilities of those who’ve advanced into their potential. It would seem that though we are accepting it, the majority of those who are even aware of what man could be capable of aren’t willing to put the time and dedication into bringing out their full abilities. So, as far as evolution goes, I agree with the fact that it’s more commonly accepted but the increase of capable psions (psychics) doesn’t seem to be on the raise too much.

    Anyway, for a question; when did you start practicing your psychic abilities? Were you born more naturally inclined than the average population, or did you discover that the paranormal isn’t really a hoax, and work towards developing yourself as a psychic? Personally, I’m not really sure where I started. There are some accounts as a child that are inexplicable by any other means, but I didn’t really have any natural talent persay, though it’s been noted by my former instructor that I advanced much more quickly than most, which is possible natural talent I’m not really sure.

    Cordrey (aka Howler, my psionic ‘nickname’)