Catching up on the blogging.

Well it takes me a little time to get to the blog and respond to everyone chatting with me. Thanks again for doing that. I've responded in the individual comments area rather than the big basic blog area. (I'm just learning how to do all of this.) If any of you has anything you want to chat about, just let me know. Otherwise, I'm having fun exploring more about reality and life. Any of you into Quantum Physics .... or is that too overwhelming? I find it all fascinating how it's confirming what the spiritual mystics have been saying for years. That our thoughts create our reality. I've been having fun over the last 20+ years experimenting with that. It's fun. Can't say I'm always good at it. (I forget who we really are sometimes.) But I've sure been able to manifest most of what I've wanted so far. And so many other "teachers" are saying the same thing. I love watching our consciousness change and evolve! Well I hope you're all out there having interesting life experiences. Thanks for playing!


  1. Hi Pam, I'm very interested in quantum physics, although I'm not much of a math person. I read whatever I come across related to theory and yes it is startling (although somehow not surprising at all) that most ancient teachings seem to already have been where many of us are headed. Clearly our thoughts are the engines of manifestation. To remember this, to realise this is the thing that's difficult. Poeple, in my experience, struggle with the sheer responsibility of this concept and fight it tooth and nail,. But we learn anyway. Please feel free to expound on quantum physics in relationship to spiritual pursuits. Would love to hear what you have to say

  2. Hi Pam! I've been studying modern quantum physics for a couple of years and how to apply it. Check out Dr. Joe Spear in Vista, California for his extensive life work in this area...

  3. Thank you Eve and Lyn for taking the time to respond to the blog questions. I love knowing others are interested in Quantum Physics! It's so fun. Thank you Lyn for letting me know about Dr. Joe Spear. I'll check him out!

    I wrote more in the main blog so I won't babble here. But thanks again Eve and Lyn writing!

  4. Billie AngelFebruary 11, 2007

    Hi Pam ~ This is the 70 year old Crystal, who wrote to you months ago. Blogging is a challenge for me too. Probabably because of my generation ;-/
    I have to tell you that I feel like a diffeent person since discovering my aura color. It explained so much about my life. Isn't hindsight great.
    However, I probably wouldn't have gotten all of the experiences I needed if I'd know sooner.
    Of course...there is still the question of Why did I come in so far ahead of the other Crystals, which are supposedly coming in now.
    I can only hope I've accomplished whatever it was I was supposed to be doing.
    Billie Angel