Quantum physics, mystics, and resistance to new ideas.

I'm excited to see other people are into quantum physics. I like knowing we create our own reality, although I've seen, just like Eve, that it scares most people and they resist the concept. I think shifting our thinking away from the dominant thinking of "victim consciousness" to "self-empowerment" just scares people We haven't been raised to believe we are that powerful. And the "outside world" can be a very convincing and overwheming place to try out the belief that we can create anything we desire. I have great compassion for all of us - we all create challenges in our lives that look like they were separate from our own creative process. I fall into the old way of thinking too. I can still perceive things "happening to me" that seem to be beyond my control. But I've learned too much about the way life works (especially through quantum physics and what the mystic spiritual teachers have been saying for years - "as a man thinketh, so he is") to let myself wallow in self-pity for too long. I think learning that our thoughts and beliefs create our own reality is an amazing concept to grasp and learn to live. It's so much more rewarding, empowering, and fun!! I just have to keep remembering the concept. ; )

I like attending the Science and Consciousness conferences in New Mexico that usually take place in April every year. Although I'll be on book tour this year and won't be able to go this year. Also Oprah will be having "The Secret" on her show this Wednesday, Jan 31 so I'm looking forward to hearing what they have to say. Word seems to be getting out to the masses that it matters what and how we think.

When I get more time, I'm going to chat about things that I've learned about quantum physics - like parallel universes, and creating our own reality. Honestly some of my favorite sources to learn more about it all are the Seth books - The Nature of Personal Reality, Seth Speaks, etc. I know they're a bit difficult for some people to grasp, but they make so much sense to me. Those books are what enabled me to start doing psychic work. It seemed so natural - a part of who we are.

Anyway, thank you again to all of you who are willing to chat and play with these ideas. I hope you're all enjoying your life adventures!


  1. Congratulations on your new book and tour - will definitely stop and say Hi at your New York appearance.
    Just listened to a few of your podcasts - especially loved "don't be a shrinking violet" great show and very inspiring.

    May have just realized why I love wine so much is it because I'm a violet?


  2. I have just discovered your site and have been enthralled. I have been facinated by quantum physics for some time and have just completed "The Quantum Self" by Danah Zohar. a book that has finally put the topic of human consciousness and science into perspective for me.

    Can't wait to read your books as well. Thank you for sharing your information and your SELF with others.


  3. I recommend the book "The physics of conciousness" by Evan Harris Walker

    Fantastic insight and story in one.

  4. Thank you Arci and Jane for your book recommendations! I'm excited to read them!

    And Brian, thanks for showing up at the NY bookstore! It was fun to see you again after all these years!

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