Hey Joseph & Lianne Downey, I'm so glad to see you're still doing your great work with auras, and helping people to realize their greater potential and abilities. I hope you keep it up for years and years! I find it interesting that you find it easier to see the Indigo color. I find that color to be one of the hardest to distinguish. Interesting. Often I get it confused with the Violets and Blue/Violets. I think it's because I haven't seen that many Indigos yet. I just need more practice sensing and seeing that particular vibration. I just haven't met that many Indigos yet. I'm glad to see you can easily identify Indigos!!! I know there are more and more of them showing up on the planet.

AND to the 18 year old anonymous person who wrote about their experiences seeing auras, I love how you describe feeling like you're living in an ocean of energy moving over you all the time. What a fascinating comment. I hope it stops feeling eerie to you and starts becoming comfortable and wonderful. I really appreciate you sharing your feelings. I sincerely love hearing from people who are able to see and sense this energy. I hope someday you'll be able to teach others or at least help others feel comfortable with these abilities. So many people have these experiences and are too afraid to discuss them with anyone. I hope we are coming to the time when it will be common knowledge and a common experience for people.

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  1. Dear Pam,

    I love your site and your blog, I have a question about auracolors. What has sex to do with the violet aura color? I know that what religions have done with sex is not only stupid but also a crime, but if a person feels that he has a mission on the planet, why should he/she feels so much passion about sex, and even suffer from rejection?

    Thank you