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I've had quite a few people ask me about the aura cameras. I've had my aura picture taken too. How fun to know people can see what auras looks like.

What the cameras measure - at least what has been explained to me by people who own the cameras - is your CURRENT emotional energy. That energy can change, which is why the colors around you can change in the next photo taken if you return days later to have your photo taken again. The cameras measure something entirely differen - usually - than what I see on a consistent basis with a person's life colors.

Sometimes the cameras do pick up a person's life colors and other times they pick up different colors. When you have your aura photo taken, they have you place your hands on metal plates, then they measure the frequencies radiating off your hands. They take a picture of your head and/or complete body, then they take the energy they've measured around your hands and superimpose that around your head. The energy that flows from your hands is often more intense than what your life colors reveal. Again, the cameras pick up your emotional state AT THAT TIME - not necessarily the life colors that are around you all the time. (Your life colors reveal your life purpose, relationship styles, career strengths, potential health challenges and how you perceive and handle money.)

As an example of the different things the cameras pick up, I have Blue/Yellow with added Violet life colors. My aura photograph showed a lot of orange, yellow, and red. It was explained to me that it signified a lot of creative energy was flowing from me that day. (Most Yellows - who tend to be creative - have a lot of energy that flows from their hands, so I wasn't surprised to see all the orange, red, and yellow in the photo.) But I also know I am not a Red or Orange life color.

For anyone who doesn't know the difference, it can be confusing to see orange in your photo, then go home to read about Oranges in my book. Typically the Orange life color descriptions will not fit your personality - because you are NOT an Orange life color. You just had a lot of high energy radiating off your hands that day. Again, they measure your emotional energy that day not the life color you came to the planet with.

When you get your photo taken by an aura camera, ask the operator of the camera to explain their interpretation of those particular colors. It is a different system. But isn't it fun to see what auras look like?

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  1. Hi Pam,

    When having my aura picture taken 2 years ago, It was all purple and indigo, with a little white and auqua.. so much so that the person taking the photograph was amazed at all the purple/indigo.

    A month prior to having my aura photographed, I had just been attuned to Reiki.

    I made sure to tell the photographer that was probably WHY it was all purple., and she responded, "OHHHHHH, that explains it then"

    I guess having a Reiki attunement will definitely affect the Aura, apparantly?

    Today I scored high as a Crystal, Indigo, Enviro Tan , Tan and Yellow on my aura test you provided for us.