Choice Point Movement

I love seeing that there is so much positive and empowering shifting going on in our consciousness! This is a very cool concept and film. I encourage us all to watch it. I'm going to. http://www.choicepointmovement.com

We are all connected and in this together. If we all align with positive, empowering and compassionate consciousness and thinking - then we will change (ARE changing) our lives and the world together in a positive way. I always support any thought, idea or project that promotes a positive consciousness, a "we can do it" attitude, and an "alive & inspirational" way of thinking! I'm seeing a real shift and real evolution happening on the planet (and within us.) The news doesn't have the real story of what is happening behind the scenes or inside us right now. They're still focused on outer stories and dramas. (The same phenomenon was happening in Russia just before "the wall" fell. People were discussing their desire for change and radical new concepts over kitchen tables and in backyards. It just takes a consciousness shift to change the world.)

I'm looking forward to watching this entire movie to see what these people are saying. I support anything positive here! Hope you do too. We are shifting!!  I'm excited.

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