The Aware Life Tele-seminar - Pam's interview

Just a reminder that I am going to be on the free Aware Life Teleseminar series hosted by Lisa Garr on Friday, June 22 at 1:00 PM Pacific Time. This is the most listened to Teleseminar series in the industry. The Aware Show is VERY popular. You can check it out here. It's a life changing program - all these inspirational speakers in one place!

Check out the amazing line up and sign up here...
Here are some of the other people who are part of this special series… and you can listen to all of their interviews for free!
Wayne Dyer, Jean Houston, Gregg Braden, Lynn McTaggart, David Wolfe, Caroline Myss, Jim Kwik, Doreen Virtue, Bruce Lipton, Jennifer McLean and more!

Again - you can hear me on June 22, 2012 at 1pm Pacific Time. Thank you for being part of my life.


  1. Dear Pam, I was very inspired by your show with Lisa Garr. Thank you! Concerning "you are what you believe", there is ample evidence demonstrating intention (a form of belief) and its impact on outcome: past, present or future. What I struggle with, however, is the concept of "incorrect beliefs". There is ample evidence of people who, under the influence of mind altering substances or perhaps in a psychotic state, believed they could fly - they jumped off a building, only to find themselves injured or dead. Others "believe" they are Napoleon, only to have been confined to mental institutions. Aren't there beliefs that are more congruent with "reality" than others? Please help, as I face these questions with people dear to me who are caught in negative belief spirals!


  2. Hi Mark, I'm glad you enjoyed the show I was on with Lisa Garr. I appreciate your kind comment. The number of people who are not in their right minds (drugs or mental illness) are few compared to the masses who have limited and negative beliefs that are limited and restrictive.

    People who counter your information by using a few disturbed or psychotic people as examples probably don't want to hear this info anyway. I quote Richard Bach "Argue for your limitations and they're yours." If those people studied what quantum physics is saying about the power of our consciousness, you wouldn't have to defend anything. (And I wonder if in another parallel universe, those people who believed they could fly actually did fly - in that universe. People who don't believe it's possible to fly - would stay in the universe where the person didn't fly and fell to his death. Interesting idea anyway. Tough to prove when someone is stuck in one parallel universe with limiting beliefs and potentials.

    I encourage you to just keep moving forward and expand your mind - and don't let people who want to keep old beliefs keep you stuck in old thinking.

    "Reality" is showing itself to be bigger and more expansive and stranger than we can even imagine. So not sure there are beliefs that are more congruent with "reality" than others. Reality now appears to be unlimited and infinite!! Anything and everything is possible. I had Peter Canova on my radio show today. Once the archived show is posted - maybe hear his interview. It was very cool!! In-joy!