For Fun!

For fun: Without looking at a map, do you know which States (US) are
furthest north, south, east, and west? Figure out your answers first -
without looking at what anyone else posts. (Because you know someone
is going to post the right answers - possibly before you get a chance
to play.) Can't wait to see your answers. And don't worry about
getting it right - no need to worry about being embarrassed. It's just
a game - just like life! It's all for fun. Just stimulating our minds
- and keeping us sharp.

1 comment:

  1. Answer: North, East & West = Alaska, South = Hawaii. Alaska does include the International Date Line so part of it is in the Eastern Hemisphere. Fun, huh? We've been out of school for too long, right? Or maybe geography wasn't our best subject? But, fun, huh? Most people don't think of the states that are off the continent. Thanks for playing everyone!