Your Top Priorities?

I'm really curious. Other than "love" and those people & animals you
love, what are your next top two priorities?


  1. What a great question! I'm going to think how I spend my time. I can tell you this though now -- as a mother of two with a full-time job, a husband, various pets, and my own home, the thing I focus on a lot is taking care of myself. Maybe because it doesn't happen unless I really think about it! I notice I get run down and don't feel well if I don't find some time to exercise and do some things that feel nurturing to me, even if it's just an hour to myself. Thanks for the question -- it's something I think about but don't know exactly how to address it. Best, Mary

  2. I sounds like you have answered the question Mary! You know your priorities - and are doing them! Thank you for responding and connecting with me! ; )