Violet & Lavender in Relationship

Relationships between Lavenders & Violets can be highly compatible.
The Violet is the powerful, independent force who goes into the world
to take care of business; the Lavender is free to stay at home &
create a wonderful environment for the pair.

When they are in power, Lavenders & Violets can complement each other.
Violets have emotional depth & can be very accepting of others. The
Lavender adds fantasy, lightness, & fun to the Violet's intensity &
power. The Violet adds power, depth, & progressive movement to the
sometimes scattered Lavender. There is no competition between these
two. The Violet prefers to be the leader & the center of attention;
the Lavender shies away from attention & appreciates it when the
Violet takes charge.

These colors are emotionally & spiritually compatible as long as the
Lavenders spend enough time in their bodies to be companions to the
Violets. Violets need communication & emotional depth from their
partners at times. Both of these partners allow the other the space
needed to explore their feelings, fantasies, & visions.

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