Sending the East Coast good thoughts!

Our hearts, & good, supportive thoughts go out to all of you on the
East Coast. I hope the hurricane ends up being an interesting
adventure for you rather than a destructive or scary experience. I
hope you have wonderful loved ones to stay warm, dry, close and cozy
with during the "excitement." Maybe - if we work together - we can
send it far out to sea instead of your way. Let us know how it goes -
and what your thoughts and experience is. We care about you!


  1. Thanks Pam. In NYC, it wasn't quite as bad as predicted. Maybe all the good thoughts worked! We lost power for four hours over night and consider ourselves lucky. It will be a few days before others get power back. Crazy week -- two earthquakes and a hurricane!

  2. I'm glad you're okay, Mary. It has been a crazy week out there! AND I do really believe that the positive thoughts worked! I've seen it work before - so I'm sticking with that belief. I'm glad you got your "power" back - I think that's telling. Sending you good wishes Have fun!

  3. LOL! Hadn't thought of power in that context! It's interesting to see how this hurricane was handled versus Katrina. We all seem more aware of exactly how damaging a hurricane can be now. Thanks for being in touch!