Living Your Top Priorities

How much time do you actually spend on your top priorities (the ones
you listed?) Whatever you spend MOST of your time on is your actual
top priority - maybe not what you thought or what you put on your
list. So are you spending more time on other things - security, an
unfulfilling job, pleasing others, fear, worrying, distractions,
frustrating activities? I know I get distracted - and don't spend
enough time on my biggest priorities. So now I'm committed to shifting
that. I hope you are living your highest priorities! I wonder what
life would actually look like if we were all focused on doing that.
And if you have any suggestions on how we can let go of what we think
we HAVE TO do and start doing what we love to do - please share it
with us! Lots of love and a fulfilling life to you.

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