Holiday gift ideas for Yellows

Looking for holiday gift ideas for your special aura color? Yellows are fun, playful, and child-like; they're creative or active, healthy, and physical. So great gifts for your special Yellow can be funny movies, computer games, gadgets, cell phones; or creative items like – paint, writing notebooks, dance, music, musical instruments (drums, etc.); or sports items – bikes, tennis racket, baseball mitt, yoga mats or clothes; or anything for outdoors – hiking, tents, camping; anything for their dogs; get them a puppy, or take them to an amusement park for fun.


  1. I love these holiday gift ideas by aura color! What do you think a green would like?

  2. HI Mary, I will post gift ideas for Greens within the next 2 days! Thanks for your nice comment! I hope you have fun holidays! Smiles, Pam