Holiday Gift Ideas for Violets!

Violets are visionaries, passionate, creative, global humanitarians, and communicators. They love music, travel, global causes, photography, art, spirituality, charity, and beauty so great gifts for them would be anything related.

You could give them - a trip to another country, a travel book, music; musical instrument, singing lessons, a camera or photography equipment; inspirational biographies about their heroes; spiritual books, CDs or meditation retreat; clothes; beautiful items for their environment - gorgeous art or furniture for the home or garden.  Depending on how globally concerned your Violet is you could even consider making a donation to their favorite charity – but make sure you take them to dinner too. They do need to feel important.


  1. uh oh. I am becoming way too violet. Not a fun road. Esp in DC. a total tan green cesspool. Sorry to be so sad, but I need to get back to CA!!!!!!!!

  2. I am a violet too! But don't put the tans down! I love, love, love my tan man!

  3. Tans are good too! There is a purpose and place for all the colors! They're all special and wonderful and we need them all!

    Sorry you're having a rough time in DC, Michelle. Come back to CA if you need to. (BTW - DC is a very "Violet" place!!! Sorry you didn't connect with more of those.) You're welcome back here any time. We have open arms and hearts for you! Big hugs, Pam

  4. So interesting that DC is violet. I had no idea but I've really liked living there. I also like New York, where I am now. Is NYC violet? It seems pretty green to me in a lot of areas.

    I agree about Tans, it so nice to be around their consistency. So different from me!

  5. HI Mary, NYC is predominantly Green with Violet. ANd yes, DC is very Violet - lots of politicians and global concerns (very Violet.) Have fun! Best wishes, Pam