Desperation in Youth

When I was younger, I remember wanting to be in love and in relationship so badly that I put up with a lot of unloving and unkind behavior from boyfriends. It was very hurtful and I experienced a lot of pain. I'm assuming that most people have had similar experiences at some time. I don't feel that way or do that any more. I found that the more I love, enjoy, respect, and appreciate myself, the less I need to depend on someone else to make me feel good. AND I've discovered that I actually experience more love and healthier forms of love in my life now. I was desperate for love before and never felt I had it. Now I'm not desperate and feel I have more love than ever.

Have you had similar experiences? If you found a solution, what did you discover? What advice could you share with people who feel they have no love in their lives and they experience loneliness? 



  1. I've been desperate for love except instead of putting up with terrible relationships. I could never find someone who wanted to get into a relationship with me. I think that I wanted it so much that I scared people away. I was too much of a pleaser because I thought that was the way to make someone like me. Now I am coming to the realisation you gotta love yourself. Whilst that doesn't help me to get a relationship. I will have love from inside me.

  2. HI Dib, Thank you for sharing your story and your insights! I am happy that you have realized that loving yourself is important! I believe that if you are happy and like yourself - people will be much more drawn to you. You're right - over pleasing and being desperate is not appealing to people. So being happy with yourself will most likely lead to a happier and healthier relationship!! Congratulations. But I also like that you will be happy just being with yourself - you're good company. Happy New Year!