re: Santa Barbara fires

I wanted to thank you all so sincerely for your concern about my well-being during the fires. I received so many calls and emails. I was very touched. You are all so thoughtful. My house is fine. I am fine. My house was right in the middle of it all. It actually started right above my house. At one point, the fire was 100 yards from my house. Whew. A little too close for comfort. But all is well. I am so grateful I was away in Texas on business. I sensed that my house would be fine - but of course I didn't know for sure. It was strange being so far away and not being able to do anything to help, or even knowing exactly what was going on. People did lose their houses in my area, so I feel grateful I had a home to return to - ash covered and all. 

My neighbors are all seriously traumatized by their experiences. It was a huge fire! I'm glad I was removed from the intensity and the drama. (I do my best to stay out of drama - so I guess I got my wish.) I'm sure all the prayers and good energy that was sent our way made a difference - thank you!

I know the difference between trauma and no big deal is - "trauma" is when it's happening to you, "no big deal" is when it's happening to someone else. I'm impressed that - even though the fires weren't happening to you - you all cared enough to send good wishes and offers to help.

Thank you again. We're smoke-free and envisioning things staying that way. My heart goes out to those who did lose their homes. I hope they all create new lives easily and quickly. I'm assuming there was a higher purpose for it all. I hope we all find the benefit and good in the experience.

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