Sharing your story

Is there anyone out there who would like to share some fun, inspirational stories? It's so nice to hear about positive life experiences - especially during times when people could just as easily become stressed, sad, or fearful. If you have something to share that you think might inspire someone, I would be happy to have your story on my blog. I love hearing people's stories. We're all in this together. Whatever adventure you're having - we might all benefit from your insights. I hope whatever path you're on right now, it's leading you to great insights, wisdom, strength and inner peace.


  1. Pam, I would love to share my story! If anyone can gain an ounce of hope or inspiration from it, I'd be very happy!

    For about as long as I can remember, I have been looking for my soul mate...but for quite a long time, I knew he wouldn't come along until I had figured myself out. I was so lonely though...so I took the advise in one of your radio shows, and I just started talking to him, soul to soul. I visualized having him there. I imagined being in a universe where he and I existed together blissfully, and then tried leaning into it. I tried letting go of any thought or previous belief of what he looked like, and that can be quite hard when you have intuitive abilities and can sense connections with people, possibly from other lives. It's easy to get confused...and even easier to believe he's not coming along at all. But I was determined not to let myself sink into that pattern of negative thought. I KNEW my soul mate was out there, I KNEW love existed really and truly, and no matter how long it took, I was going to wait for him. Of course, that was not the only goal I was trying to create an achievement to in my life. It was very important that I get my college degree; I had been working so hard towards it and it had become a bit of an ordeal towards my later years of university. So I visualized that too. I imagined holding that degree in my hand...and I worked so hard to get it. Wouldn't you know, that the day before I turned in my very last final exam I met him? And in a place I never, ever expected to meet ANYONE! A friend took me out to my favorite little pub to celebrate my degree with a pint of cider, and there he was. Came right up to us and said hello. My very first reaction was that I trusted him, and that I knew him. It took him one day to figure out he was in love with me, and it took me just a few more to be comfortable enough to tell him the same. That was it. We fell deeply and truly in love. I was amazed at his energy. If you don't mind me saying, when he kissed me, the energy connected in such a way that I couldn't tell us apart. We were just ONE. Completely. Of course, having a good deal of Violet added to my aura, (I'm a Blue/Yellow) and him being a Yellow/Violet, our story had to be a bit more...creative than the already amazing beginning we had. He was from Finland and was due to go back there in a week! Well, he decided to stay two. After a blissful two weeks, I went to my university graduation and he called me at 2 a.m. telling me he couldn't leave yet, he wouldn't buy the tickets.

    The story gets quite a bit more elaborate from there, but to shorten it, I'll tell you that by the time he actually did have tickets for return, the airline lost his ticket information, and he had to stay through Christmas and New Years! We were blessed with an amazing five weeks before he actually did return. After a long seven months of living in different countries, we finally decided that I would move to Finland and marry him. And that is exactly what we did. :) I always saw myself living in a foreign country, and wouldn't you know that's what was created in my life? We set our wedding for just over a year of when we met, and I can't even begin to tell you how much our families adore each other. Life is so FUN! And if that wasn't enough fun to be had, my husband's father is a zone therapist (among other natural healing practices) who believes in the limitless reality of energy. So how is all of that for serendipity and conscious creation? :) Energy truly does attract like energy. My husband and I are blissfully happy!

    Now that the love of my life has appeared, I've begun to shift my thinking towards creating a career...and wouldn't you know that I had to remind myself that the same 'rules' apply? Abundance and clarity will come flowing as long as your heart is open. I know if I can just keep visualizing that, I can attain whatever creative endeavor I'm looking for. :)

  2. Step by Step, Breath by Breath - Courage

    I walked into the hospital on Monday morning for my hysterectomy (removing uterine cancer) trembling like a dog walking into the vets. I put one foot in front of the other, one step at a time, one breath at a time, and I got through it! I didn’t think I had it in me to be able to handle it. But I am handling it. I am braver than I thought!

    Cancer has been one of my worst fears. Over the years I’ve performed all kinds of anti-cancer rituals (taking vitamin D, wearing sunscreen, eating broccoli, etc.), trying to keep it at bay. It’s like I’ve been tiptoeing around a sleeping beast, trying not to wake it. Yet despite my best efforts, the beast awakened.

    A friend told me about someone she knew who had taken great care of his body, mind, and spirit; yet still he had a heart attack. He was sure it was a mistake and said, “Somewhere, there's a guy sitting in front of a TV watching wrestling, clutching a beer, with Cheetos dust floating down onto his big belly.... and I HAD HIS HEART ATTACK!” We humans are so funny! We actually think we can control these things!

    In early childhood I had a recurring dream: I was walking into a field with other kids and they wanted to walk into the woods at the edge of the field. I was afraid of the big bad wolf in the woods, so I didn’t go with them. I lay down on a picnic table in the open field by myself and closed my eyes, thinking that I was safe; but when I opened them, the wolf was there, right next to me, staring at me with sparkling flinty eyes! Even as a young child I was struck by the irony of it.

    One way I’ve tried to keep the wolf from my door is by very carefully avoiding x-rays, not even wanting digital dental x-rays. When I had appendicitis a few months ago I was given a CT scan which has 500 times more radiation than a normal x-ray! That wolf has a way of finding me no matter what I do! I’ve finally come to a place where I give up; I surrender; I throw up my hands; I let go of trying to control everything; I stop running.

    I lay on my hospital bed pre-op, and in a field of awareness, I took slow deep breaths and faced the wolf. I got up close and curious about it’s sharp teeth and claws. I looked into its flinty eyes…and I discovered…it is Fear in wolf’s clothing! What I’ve feared is the biting discomfort of my throat clutching, heart pounding, gut wrenching fear. FDR was right, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” The Fear of the cancer feels so much worse than the cancer itself.

    I am facing my fear, sitting with it, keeping it company, holding its hand, feeling compassion, allowing it to be here. I’ve heard two acronyms for FEAR: one is Feel Everything And Recover. The other is F__k Everything And Run! These are the different agendas of our ego and our spirit. Ego wants to run for the hills and be safe. Spirit wants to fly like an eagle as high as it can go, fully experiencing life, including fear. When challenges befall me, my ego wails in a Mr. Bill whine, “Oh Noooooo. Not another learning opportunity!” My spirit says, “Oh Yeah! Another opportunity to grow! Bring it onnnnn!”

    My ego moans, “We are in deep doodoo!” My spirit exalts, “Rich soil to grow in!” Ego scolds, “Now we’ve gone and done it – our fear has drawn the cancer to us!” Spirit exclaims, “Cool, cancer! It will help us come face to face with fear, feel it fully, and make friends with it!” Who knows what our souls are up to; there’s so much more going on than meets the eye - We are so much more.

    When faced with the thing I most feared, I’m finding that I have more courage than I ever dreamed possible. My mind has been telling me that I’m “the biggest scaredy cat in the world.” What I’m actually discovering is that I am someone who has the courage to be present with my worst fears, one breath at a time, one trembling foot in front of the other. Hand in hand with my luminous soul, I am doing this! And if I can do this, anyone can!

    We have more courage and spirit than we know. When we are tested, we somehow find the strength to soar with the eagles; no longer circling the drain, we circle the sky!

    Jan Jacobsen

  3. P.S. I wanted to elaborate on a little something...

    Before my husband even entered my life, I knew I had to overcome a few things and really practice being open and loving and not fearful, myself. I spent a lot of time becoming the person I am now (and I'm still growing). I did my best to really focus on putting the call out there, visualizing and aligning myself to the energy of my soul mate and the possibility of him entering my life, and I really believe those efforts were beyond fruitful.

    Not only did I become a stronger person myself, but truly, my husband is far more amazing than I ever dreamed my soul mate could be. He is so abundantly loving and so completely open-hearted, that I am constantly amazed by him.

    He and I want everyone to experience this kind of love. :)