RE: My new Guided Imagery Meditations

I'm receiving a lot of email from people regarding my new guided imagery meditations. Thank you for all your positive comments and feedback! I'm happy to hear you're having such great results and that you love listening to them. I also love hearing that so many of you are sharing them with your children - and that your kids are even requesting them! What a fun and unexpected outcome.

I've also received questions from some of you asking what the meditations are about or how they work. 

I believe we create our "reality" by our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. We're told if we want to change our lives, we must first change our thoughts and beliefs. (Our thoughts give rise to our emotions, so our emotions will change once our thoughts change.) There are not a lot of tools available, however, that can help us retrain our thoughts and beliefs, so I created these meditations to help us easily shift our thoughts and inner pictures. The meditations work on the same principle as hypnosis - gentle words and sounds relax you while guiding you through positive pictures and feelings. To me - this is an easy way to change our inner pictures.

Through my psychic work over the past 25 years, I've seen the most common fears and beliefs that are at the core of most people's difficulties. So I've focused on shifting those limiting beliefs by creating positive inner pictures to replace those fear-based pictures. 

I'm also receiving many requests from people for additional meditations - such as for weight loss, fear of success, calming children, and more. I do have a long list of guided meditations that I intend to create once I can find the time to get back into the studio. Feel free to continue offering topic suggestions for these meditations. I will add them to my list. 

I hope you have fun with them. And I really hope they work for you!

Pamala Oslie
Author of Life Colors, Love Colors,
& Make Your Dreams Come True

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  1. I love the abundance cd. I actually downloaded it as mp3 file without any trouble. Nice! Anyways, I went to the dentist the other day for a crown and it was the only thing I could listen to. I tried others including John Mayer, and Brian Weiss, but Pam's voice was soothing and calming. It definitely helped me stay in the dentist's chair. Yay!