Aura Color Eras

Aura Color Eras or Periods in Time

People have asked me what aura colors have been "in power" during which eras. Meaning, which aura color's consciousness, beliefs, and priorities are prevalent in which time periods?

I don't know all the eras. What I know so far is the following:

Red and Orange eras: The consciousness of Reds and Oranges seems to have been more prevalent when physical survival was an issue - the knights, cavemen, etc.  

A Green era: Greens seem to be more prevalent and they directed the consciousness around the roaring 20s - when the focus was on having a lot of money and abundance - until the stock market crashed (interesting similarities to today, huh?)

A Blue era: The ideals of Blues seem to have been more accepted during the 1950s when "father knew best" and mom stayed home and baked cookies.

A Violet era: A Violet age began in the mid-1960s - with the hippies, Beatles, Elvis, peace movement, etc.

An Indigo era: We begin our shift into the Indigo age somewhere between 2000 and the year 2014.

That information is my understanding anyway - and the only eras I know about so far. If anyone has any thoughts on other eras, please share them with me. 


  1. Hi Pam, I am an indigo adult, I was born in 1980s, I am an old soul and new that from a young age. I think indigos started arriving around as earily as the 1970s. I did find it difficult as a child as there were not too many of us indigos out there when I was young (I didnt grow up knowing about indigos). My two children are crystal children I believe. Born 2003 & 2006 now there is a new generation coming in called the rainbow children Ive heard. I dont see auras yet like you but see spirits (mostly at night) and can see some things in the future, I see an energy around people and always have but am yet to see colours as such, all things in good time :)

    Take Care

  2. My husband and I have had this same discussion. One of the questions that came up for us was does this apply to all countries or only the United States? Do countries that rely on more labor intensive industries have more reds?

  3. I just did the quiz and discovered I am first violet, then yellow, and then indigo. This makes much sense with your timeline since I am 29. As you point out, many violets are also yellow and at the age of 29, I've recently began to had an inkling that I am here to usher in a transition to society through (fun) music and media.