Aura colors

Does anyone else have experience seeing auras? I'd love to hear about your experiences and know what colors you see. Do you have a way of interpreting the different colors you see? I'd love to compare notes to see if we're seeing and understanding the same things. Of are you having any psychic experiences? I'd love to hear about those two. I hope you're having a fun life.


  1. pam: great to see you reaching out into the blogosphere :)

  2. Hi Pam! My name is Pam too and I wanted to answer your blog regarding seeing Auras. I've been seeing them now for about 4 years now and just seen my Professor's last Tuesday. I usually tend to not share what I see with others only because of where I live there's not too many people who believe in Auras, but my Professor is a Reiki Maser and I knew should would understand. I've only been able to see the first 2 layers it seems. I haven't seen beyond that yet. I'm also very intuitive and tend to use my intuition in coming up with what the colors are representing in one's life at that moment. I want to thank you for this wonderful website about Auras and the information that you share. I hope to someday be able to use my gifts more frequently then I do. Thanks again!

  3. I was recently told I have the ability to render an aura carress and would like to see more on this. I have a heat and magnetic energy that emits from my hands. I can see the aura ( life force ) of trees and such ... But would love to see that of others .

  4. Hello Pam,
    I really can't see auras, but I can see energy. If I am next to or with a person I can close my eyes and see their energy and whether it is running smoothly or with any blockages. It is pretty kool to do this, but I wish I could see the auras so I could understand it more. Thank you, Audrasawakening.com
    Love, Audra

  5. My vision picks up "auras" in a pulsing neons. Though I'm not sure if what I'm seeing is auras or another frequency all together, alot of them are the same. Either a neon green mixed with yellow, or white and blue. Alot of them barely rise three inches from their bodies and that doesnt seem very healthy to me. Rarely I've met purple or red, those were deep. Grey people were extremely malicious. - Purple people usually had kids with them, Red people were very flashy. The Neon-green/yellow people are very depressed or repressed, and the blue and white people seemed obliviously kind.

  6. Isn't amazing that we are all experiencing the aura but in such different ways? I love hearing about each of the different perspectives. I hope you all stay in touch if anything else develops in your experiences. (I think each of our different experiences regarding the aura, how we each see different colors even, is just like how we taste food. I'm sure even if we eat the same things - the experience we have is different. For example, people I know love broccoli - so I know they're not tasting what I am. Yikes! Thanks again for sharing!

  7. Hi Pam, great news about the new book!

    My wife and I have been teaching a class for the last few years called UNDERSTANDING LIFE COLORS: Your Own, Your Loved Ones', and the Indigos in our Midst. We were told our life colors by Donna Eden 3 or 4 years ago and had no idea what they were. We were fortunate enough to find your book and surprised to find that the descriptions of our life colors in your book matched what Donna had told us. We began practicing looking at people’s life colors. We find them easier to see in bright, natural light against a white background. Some colors are easier to identify than others. We find indigo the easiest life color to see.

    Our classes have been so well-received, we’re considering limiting enrollment to 15 people. Kind of surprising for conservative West Michigan, but great news, since knowing your life color is so empowering. Looking at the life colors of 25+ people takes us a while and makes the classes run long. In the first part of the class, we have people perform exercises to expand and fluff up the aura, boost the strange flows (bliss out), and generally prepare for practicing looking at whoever takes the hot seat in the 2nd part of the class. My wife and I don’t always see the same things, but we look and interview, using a combination of seeing the aura and seeing if it fits their personality, and usually others in the class begin to see colors and help validate.

    Here are a few tidbits we discovered in our classes:
    - Indigos are quick learners, and learn to see life colors quickly as well, but find the process of looking at them draining.
    - Some Yellows and most Sensitive Tans suck in their auras tight around them when they have to sit in front of the class to have their aura looked at.
    - Crystals are very tricky to see, especially if a 2nd color is sharing it. Indigo/crystal is a combo we’ve seen. One of our classes had a Crystal life color; we had others sit next to her, and we all watched her color change to match the person sitting next to her. Fascinating!
    - The only color we haven’t seen is Abstract Tan.
    - Lavenders, particularly the men, find the description of Lavenders in your book offensive.

    We use your Life Colors book, a book by Barbara Bowers, and Donna Eden’s life colors CD as references when teaching.

    Thanks for the new blog! Great idea!

    Joseph & Lianne Downey

  8. I am 18 years old and I can see colors/energy/light all the time. It's like an ocean I live in. It's creepy feeling it, though. It's like you're constantly having *s* to be honest. You feel the energy moving over you all the time. I never realized nobody else saw it until recently. I have astigmatism, and I thought it was my eyes, but it's not. *Shrugs* I have glasses, and I just see it more clearly. It makes the world very vivid. I can see auras too. I don't mean any of this in my mind's eye either. I acutally do see it physically. People tell me I'm a strong psychic, but *shrugs* I don't know. I thought everyone could, and now that I know not everyone can, it's sorta strange. I think I may be one of the crystal people, but I am not sure. lol I never new nobody else could to tk and telepathy and all that. It's a real wake up call, though.

  9. Hi Pam!

    I just posted a dream online at the EP site, where others interpret your dreams. However, I usually dig up research myself or meditate on it to find its meaning. Well, I haven't been able to go back to sleep after this dream and wanted to share it with you, after coming across your site researching the word "neon blue aura".

    Here is the link where I posted my dream:


    Or I'll just paste it here:

    Title of Dream: Stuck in Broken Elevator

    "I just woke up and can't get this dream out of my head. It was powerful to me: I went into an elevator and pressed to go down. The doors shut and no sooner, the elevator stopped (I wasn't even sure if I had moved at all ... maybe a few flights in decent). I tried to pry the door open ... I tried so hard to get out. I couldn't any longer attempt to escape, too weak, and fell down to the steel floor. I couldn't get up no matter how hard I tried. The chords were bouncing up and down; I thought the ropes were getting ready to break and in any moment that I was going to plummet to my death ... I cried underneath my breath: "God, save me ... save me..." Then this huge aura of neon blue lights came out of nowhere and was flickering into the elevator: It was shining so bright. I thought that I was about to go home to God. I woke up and couldn't move a muscle; my heart felt like it was skipping beats. It was that powerful and real~"

    I will love to read your book. You're very inspiring and a beautiful soul. So enlightening ... I'm happy that my path crossed with yours.

    Peace & Blessings,
    Sonya Rose

  10. I've recently learned I have the potential to see auras. I've been told that mine is mostly a golden color with clear, bright yellows and oranges, and often some black stains. I'm very intuitive and my first impressions are usually spot on, so basically, if I see a trace of an aura, I like to correspond it with my thoughts on the person... And usually it's fairly constant.

  11. My mother sees auras. I don't know if this is just me being sleep-deprived, or if you can "inherit" it to some degree? But the other day I saw an aura come from someone. I was listening to someone speak, telling an emotional story, and this great pink light just emanated from them. I don't know much about it, but it surprised me. My mother has this gift, and has for years. It was often almost frustrating growing up because she knew my emotions, even if she didn't know yet that anything had happened to have changed them. When she sees bluish colors, it seems to signify purity or maybe love for someone - she has seen it mostly within children. She sees greens and pinks in times of great emotion - at funerals she often sees a pale pink, at weddings a more bright pink. She has been studying this for a while, wanting to know more about this; she feels like she could use it better if she understands it. the problem with this is how subjective this seems to be, there isn't a specific set of "rules" about what colors mean....any book or article makes it clear that that is the GENERAL understanding of a specific color.
    Anyway, she had a bizarre experience the other day - she was talking to a woman, and this woman was telling her about her health problems - she had been going to the doctor and many specialists for quite some time, and they still don't understand what is wrong with her. Anyway, during this conversation, she had a bright goldish color around her, and then suddenly her aura - "split." I don't know what the term would be, but it became two colors - around her head it was still gold, but from her neck to her waist it was a bright (almost florescent) orange. My mother doesn't generally talk to people about these experiences unless she knows that people are fairly open-minded. They tend to think she is crazy or something. And this woman is very opposed to anything of this nature, so my mother didn't mention it. But she has been trying to find anything that could tell her what this means. She has never seen such a bright color before, she typically doesn't see orange, unless it is a pale, pinkish color of orange, like a peach. But she felt this was some sort of warning, something she should understand, becuase she has never seen anything about this before. She has never seen multiple colors or a split-aura like that.
    Anyway, if anyone konws anything about this, or knows someone who does, I would be grateful if you could contact me. My email is

    Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.
    And thanks for this site- it's reassuring to talk to people who are interested in these things and believe they exist. :)

  12. Hi Pam,

    We have actually spoken before. I have seen "colors" and had empathic experiences all my life. My youngest child is manifesting this ability as well. Which is what led us to speak before this.

    It has come to my attention that the ability is growing stronger and more pronounced. I'm not sure if it is because I am supposed to be using it for others or if we are onthe verge of some spiritual break through, but it is so much harder to ignore these days. I'm getting the feeling of needing a "community" of folks who see and feel as I do. If you have any insight, Iknow I would appreciate anything you could offer.


  13. Hi i am a Terrestrial Angel of God and have been given the ability to see Energy and Spirits as well with Auras and spirits in people! I Just want to fore warn those who are able to see certain things like this! Especially if your going to read some ones aura! You have to be careful because not everyone has the gift from God! Some have it from and evil force! So they may reveal certain things to you even all about the person! But they are doing it to gain your trust! You have to be careful for even the Ruler of Darkness can manifest its self into an Angel of Light! But for those who are working to perfect this you cant do it alone! Because again it is a Supernatural Gift! I Love you all! Blessings from Jesus Christ!

  14. Hi pam! i took a look at one of your websites, and took the aura test. i have a crystal aura. Since i have been little, i can see auras very clearly, and some times other peoples auras overload me and i cannot handle it. i have tried to be alone to recharge my own aura, and even sleeping it off, but it just doesn't work. im 14 and want to have a normal life. can you help me? i also have a blog and several emails. please help!

    Blog: vincenttafoya.blogspot.com
    E-mail: tafoya.vincent@gmail.com
    Thanks so much!

  15. Hi Krash,
    How cool that you realize you are a Crystal and that you can see auras! I'm sorry to hear at times it has been challenging for you. I have written a lot for Crystals in my books Life Colors and Love Colors. Can you get ahold of those books? I give advice to Crystals - how to stay healthy and balanced, and more. If you can't find them, meditation is the most important for Crystals to keep from getting overwhelmed. I hope you can find Love Colors - it has a lot of information...too much to write again here. Best wishes, Pam

  16. I have a question about color matching. I intend to see a certain person and at first we would just sometimes show up with the same colors on. Although we no longer communicate verbally- we still show up and on almost a continual basis- with matching clothes- styles, colors or close to shades of the same color on. Is there anything you can tell me about this?

  17. My explanation would be that you are both psychically connected with one another. Showing up wearing the same colors, etc is common for people who have a special connection. It doesn't usually have anything to do with similar aura colors, just more about closeness. I've seen people who work together start doing that too. Consciousness is "non-local" and we're all psychically connected. Enjoy that special connection! Smiles to you! Pam

  18. my 8 year old gradnson told me yesterday he can see colors .when i asked him about it he said it started when he was 4 or 5 .he sees all colors but the first one he always mentions is purple .anon

  19. I don't actually "see" auras, but sometimes when I meet someone new they make me think of a specific color. Like red, or yellow.

  20. That's cool. How many different colors have you "felt" from people? Just red or yellow - or more? I hope that is interesting and helpful for you? Thanks for sharing that info. I find it very interesting. Smiles, Pam

  21. I want to confess, I knew nothing about colors , or love colors , until my neighbor came over to try to mend my relationship with my husband , using your book, "Love Colors". He asked me if I knew anything about colors , and I said yes, not knowing why I said yes, for I had no idea what he was talking about . He asked, are you a green, a blue, a red, a crystal ? Again, not knowing anything , I said I'm a crystal, very confidently. He said , "really, how interesting", and asked me a series of questions pertaining to your book. My reaplies satisfied his curiousity about my crystal color, and made me more interested in learning about it. I read your book, and discovered I am mostly crystal , with blue shadings, and also realized why I can't get along with my red husband . Your book makes so much sense to me. It encourages what I already know about what,and who I need. I have had what I consider experiences that cannot be explained. I have felt very strong energies that were not coming from myself , on three occasions. Once my brother was in an accident, but before I knew he was , I kept telling my husband that something was wrong with my brother, and I couldn't stop the feeling or worry. I had no reason to worry about him. On another occasion, I swear I felt the presence of my father who had passed away, two months prior. I was in my school room working on papers, and wearing a coat, when out of nowhere I got extremely cold, and having a strange sensation, and then started strangely thinking about my dad. I felt then , that he was there, and still do , to tell me he is ok. the third experience, well, if you really want to know, I'll tell you after you read this.

  22. Hi Anonymous - very cool stories about your Crystal!! Thank you for taking the time to share them with me. I think it's great that you realize when you are being intuitive or psychic. That is very Crystal and Blue. I hope you continue to trust your intuition and feelings. AND I hope you are able to someday have a loving and fulfilling relationship - with a more compatible color (unless you discover a way to be happy with your Red husband.) Thanks again for connecting with me and best wishes to you! I hope you enjoy your life adventures. Smiles

  23. Hello Pam, I started talking to someone in a public sitting who preceded to read me. This was a random occasion, but amazing at the same time. The person saw my aura, a mix of many yellows and oranges. But, here’s where I need help. He mentioned my aura split down the middle at the top of my head. There was a line going through it, right in the middle. My memory is foggy but he told me to remain on the straight path and not to worry. I’m not,the person was very nice, but I cannot find any information on this. He said this is rare. Any advice or what this could mean?

  24. Hi Anonymous, What an interesting reading. I'm sorry I can't help you with that because I've never seen that or experienced that myself. Too bad that person didn't explain more what he meant by that. I'm not even sure where to send you - other than maybe inside - listening to your own intuition about it. I'm not sure anyone else will have an explanation. I hope you find the answer to your question. Maybe it means you have two different paths you could go on - and maybe just "stay on the straight path" - not sure. Good luck!! Wish I could help more.

  25. The person told me he has rarely seen the line through an aura and said my aura was spilt. He was very gifted and said to stay focused and that I was very smart. I stumbled on this conversation by chance, I wished I could asked more about his gift. Thank you Pamala for your insight.

  26. I have seen aura colors twice in my lifetime. I saw gray around my head shifting to white than shading gradually to black. Than I saw a little girls aura that was a bright majestic purple with rainbow crystal Shared around her =) the most gorgeous aura I have ever seen!

    1. That is awesome that you saw gray to white and then purple around that girl!!! I love hearing that others have seen and experienced the aura! Thanks for sharing! Pam

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