Life Colors City Has Arrived!

I'm very excited to announce that my new, very expanded site www.LifeColorsCity.com has now launched!! I have SO much information on this new site - info for parents and teachers about children, career information, quantum physics, parallel universes, health, money & abundance, and so much more!! I will have weekly podcasts, you can ask me questions, there are videos and all my radio shows are archived on the site. I will be adding new information and new shows on there every week so I hope you will check it out. My goal is to see us all happy and fulfilled and living our life purpose. I will also be sharing information about the evolving consciousness and exploring how we can all develop our natural, more advanced abilities that we haven't necessarily been using. Thanks for coming to the new site!

(You may have received an email with this info. IF you received more than one announcement, the mail server got caught in a loop. That company tells us that it's fixed now - so sorry for the duplicate emails. Ah technology. Sometimes it has a mind of its own. Thank you for your patience.)

1 comment:

  1. This is all good. Keep doing that.

    Thank you for sharing and updating!

    I will come to look at this issue and look forward to!

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