How to Recognize a Lavender

People have asked me how they can know if someone is a Lavender if they can't get that person to take the aura color quiz. (Please note that most Lavenders have a second life color that will balance out or counteract some of the following qualities.)

You know you have met a Lavender if he or she . . .

·      is fragile and very sensitive.

·      has pale or even alabaster skin.

·      is quiet, gentle, and spiritual.

·      is creative or dreams of being creative.

·      has wonderful artistic ideas but has difficulty following through on them.

·      often wears soft and flowing clothes.

·      is often spacey and forgetful.

·      daydreams or fantasizes a lot, and seems to have trouble dealing with reality.

·      often has a blank stare.

·      often seems frightened, nervous, or anxious.

·      is often weak and ill and has many chronic health problems.

·      has trouble dealing with money — cannot seem to grasp how to make it and keep it.

·      would prefer not to work. Has difficulty keeping a job.

·      does not seem to have the strength or energy to be responsible for everyday tasks.

·      has difficulty concentrating.

·      does not seem to listen well to others.

·      is typically disorganized.

·      surrounds herself or himself with crystals, chimes, soft music, fantasy pictures, or mythological creatures like unicorns, elves, fairies, and so on.

 Famous authors who had lavender as one life color: writers Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland) and C. S. Lewis (The Chronicles of Narnia)


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