How to Recognize Someone with a Yellow Aura

You know you are hanging out with a Yellow if she or he . . .

·      is always smiling and cheering people up — is everyone's friend.

·      tries to make you laugh — a lot and all the time.

·      looks much younger than her or his age. (Or he or she has aged because of years of substance abuse.)

·      does not act his or her age. Many Yellows resist growing up.

·      has numerous creative ideas.

·      would rather not be working — ever! Unless it's going to be fun, and then he or she would not really consider it to be work anyway.

·      loves being outdoors, exercising, playing sports, and being physical, or at least loves dancing or going for walks.

·      is concerned about the environment or wildlife.

·      struggles with addictions. "Sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll" can be a Yellow's mantra. Yellows are the most addictive of the love colors. If you are with someone who has an issue with drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, sex, food, sweets, caffeine, or even computer games, chances are good that you're dealing with a Yellow. Some Yellows, however, are healthy enough to know to stay away from these substances.

·      fidgets a lot. Yellows usually have a lot of energy and typically have a hard time sitting still.

·      tends to always arrive late. Yellows live in the moment, so it is common for them to lose track of time.

·      does not handle money well. For Yellows, life is not about money, so it often slips through their hands.

·      enjoys fixing things around the house and working with his or her hands, or . . .

·      is too lazy to fix anything, preferring instead to lie on the couch and watch TV or play computer games.

·      avoids commitment. This friend is a nice person and seems eager to make you happy, but has a lot of reasons why she or he is just not ready to be monogamous or be tied down yet. (Not all commitment-phobic people are Yellows, but they lead the pack.)

·      drives either a fun vehicle — a sports utility vehicle, a motorcycle, a jeep — or something that is inexpensive or falling apart because he or she doesn't have the money to fix it or buy a new one.

·      regards a pet dog as his or her best friend. Yellows love dogs, and dogs love Yellows. Dogs and Yellows: the perfect example of fun, energy, and happiness. (This can apply to any pet, if the Yellow treats that pet as if it were a dog.)

·      would typically prefer to be spending time with friends, hanging out at a bar, watching sports, or playing in a band with buddies.


Famous Yellows:

Almost any comedian — Bill Cosby (Yellow/Violet), Tim Allen (Yellow/Violet), Ellen DeGeneres (Yellow/Blue), Jim Carrey (Yellow/Violet), George Lopez (Yellow/Violet), Jay Leno (Yellow/Violet), and Richard Pryor (Yellow/Violet with a Red Overlay);

Many actors — Harrison Ford (Yellow/Tan), Brad Pitt (Yellow/Tan), Will Smith (Yellow/Violet), Meg Ryan (Blue/Yellow), and Goldie Hawn (Blue/Yellow);

Numerous athletes — Michael Jordan (Yellow/Violet) and Tiger Woods (Yellow/Violet); and many environmentalists and animal lovers: Steve "Crocodile Hunter" Irwin (Yellow/Orange with Violet), Robert Redford (Yellow/Violet), and John Denver (Yellow/Tan with Violet.)


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