How to recognize someone who is a "Green Aura Personality"

How to recognize someone who is a "Green Aura Personality"

You know you have encountered a Green if he or she . . .

·      is highly intelligent.

·      is driven to make a lot of money.

·      is highly competitive.

·      works in or is fascinated by the stock market, money-oriented businesses, real estate, and business in general.

·      seems to always be in a hurry.

·      talks very quickly.

·      finishes other people's sentences for them.

·      drives an expensive car.

·      owns high-quality and expensive possessions: clothing, furniture, and jewelry.

·      owns at least one expensive home — or plans to.

·      always seems to be working on something. Greens have difficulty relaxing. Even when they take vacations, their minds are on business or projects.

·      drinks a lot of coffee or other caffeinated substances. This helps a Green think even more quickly.

·      frequently asks "how." Greens usually want to know how something was accomplished, how someone came up with an idea, or how someone made money.

·      frequently uses the words should, have to, need to, hard work, struggle and try.

·      wants to know the point or the end of the story and does not seem interested in the details.

·      speaks his or her mind, no matter whom it may offend.

·      gets to the point, often abruptly.

·      is often critical and judgmental of others, especially people who are inefficient, slow, or unmotivated.

·      tends to argue and rarely admits he or she is wrong.

·      needs to be in control.

·      is very stubborn and strong willed.

·      gambles.

·      has more than one degree — which often includes multiple bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, or doctorates. Greens love to learn and to excel, so usually one degree is not enough.

·      is, conversely, a self-made entrepreneur who never completed school.

Famous Greens: magnates Bill Gates (Green/Violet), Donald Trump (Green/Yellow), Warren Buffet (Yellow/Green), John Rockefeller; talk show hosts David Letterman (Green/Yellow), Barbara Walters; and actors Lucille Ball (Green/Yellow), Bette Davis (Green) and Fred Astaire (Green.)


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