What Changed Your Life?

If you're open to sharing, I have an important question to ask you.

What did you hear, learn or get advice on that changed the course of your life?

For me, there were many things - but the top 3 are:
"My thoughts & beliefs create my reality."
"You put so much energy into helping other people grow their businesses, if you put that same amount of energy into your own business, you would succeed as well." (That's when I decided to start working for myself. Life changing decision!)
"You have psychic abilities." - Very life changing words to hear!

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  1. Anthony SouthwoodJune 07, 2012

    I dont know if they truley changed my life but they have affected those around me. My 3 are

    "Misfortunes shall consume your quest for power if compromosies dont soon manifest into reality"

    "Hate consumes the soul until all that is left is a fragmented reality"

    "Those who forever dwell on past memories will be left to fade away in the shadows"

    When i wrote these sayings out it was as if they had to come out. It was like OCD writing during the time.

    The reason why i chose to write these three is because these are the three sayings that I have been living by for a while now and I have seen major changes in my life because of these sayings.I urge anyone to try to follow these sayings and see if it helps improve thier life. I have a whole list of them but these are the three signifigant.