What Color is Your City?

Okay - now I have a question that I hope many of you can and will answer. I'm curious AND this could help people looking for a good place to live. I haven't been everywhere in the world, so I'm curious to learn what you believe about your area.

Do you know what aura colors your city and state are? Santa Barbara is Yellow/Blue with some Violet. (Wow – no wonder I love it here. Those are my aura colors. Perfect match.) Yellows typically love sun, play and fun, easy places to live. Even though there are Violets here in SB, most have a challenging time making a living here. Most Violets either work other places and then bring their money here, or base here but do work that expands beyond this area. A Yellow city doesn't usually offer enough opportunities for Violets – so they need to expand beyond it.

S. California is mostly Yellow. LA is mostly Yellow with Tan (Beverly Hills is Green & Violet.)

N. California is mostly Violet. San Francisco is Violet with Green.

NY is mostly Green; NYC is Green with Violet.

England is Tan with Violet. Florida is Yellow, although Miami is Yellow/Green. AZ is Yellow/Tan. Mexico is Yellow.

So those are some samples. Do you know enough about the different aura color personalities to have a sense of your town and state? Could you guess or sense it some how? If you need more info about each color – you can watch my videos on the colors on Youtube or maybe you have my books by now? Thanks for your help and your participation. This really will be helpful to me – and hopefully others.


  1. Hey! Thanks for sharing the information that every city has different aura colors. Tell me the name of your book.

  2. Hi Meryen, I have 3 books, two on the aura colors: "LIfe Colors" and "Love Colors" and then I have "Make Your Dreams Come True." Thank you for your interest. I hope your life is magnificent!