A Parallel Universe Story

The following is a fun story from Amy - one of the radio show listeners. I thought some of you would enjoy reading it. It's here with Amy's permission. Thank you Amy.

Hi Pam,

I have a great story I wanted to share that exemplifies everything you talk about on your show:

Last Thursday/Friday I was lamenting because my life was so boring and nothing exciting ever happened to me. And I wanted some excitement in my life.

Well.. Saturday night -> Bam... I'm out at a school event , and when its time to leave, I go to get my jacket and it's gone. My cell phone and my keys to my car, my apartment, and my grandparent's car are all in there. And there were no spare keys. I never had one to my car, and my grandparents couldn't remember where they put theirs.

So of course I panic and search the entire restaurant and it was no where to be found. I get a ride home and spend Sunday calling my phone ALL DAY in hopes that someone will pick it up. No one does. I even call Sprint to see if they can locate it through their satellites. But of course, after spending 30 minutes on the phone and talking to the rep and the supervisor, they tell me there is NO WAY they can trace it if I don't have access to the code they had just sent to my phone. Which of course, I didnt have because I didn't have my phone.

So... I continue to exhaust all other ideas to locate it, with no luck.

By Monday, I had calmed down a bit... and my head was a bit clearer. So I decided I'd go into a parallel universe where I already had my coat back. I visualized myself with my jacket, with my keys and my cellphone in the pockets, and I actually felt really excited that I had it back. I imagined myself calling my friends and telling them that I had found my jacket, and updating my Facebook status that I had found it.

So now it's Tuesday, and its starting to get worse. The other venues in the area that I thought maybe someone had gone to afterwards and left it there, turned out to be a deadend. I got news from Toyota that the original estimate to make new keys was wrong and it was actually going to be about $700.

But I kept it up... I kept visualizing myself with my jacket and when people asked me if I'd found it, I'd tell them not yet, but I know I will. And it really wasn't lip service, I really knew I'd find it. I kept reminding myself that I was in the universe where I already had my jacket. I took it a step further too, and reminded myself that I and my jacket are one, and because of that, there could be no separation between us, so it was already with me.

Well... I decided I didn't believe the Sprint reps who said it wasn't possible to track my phone without getting the password they texted me, and I called back. This rep I got, said "No problem, just go to this website..." and he walked me through the tracking and within 10 minutes I had a location on my phone. Which turned out to be in a parking lot not too far from where I was staying.

So I called my friend who drove me to the location, and we started knocking on doors. It was graduate student housing, so people seemed to know their neighbors and we were able to deduct who's car it would have been in. They weren't home, but their names were on the mail box and they were Indian names. My boyfriend is Indian and they have this network where everyone knows everyone and within 3 minutes he had the phone number of one of the people living there. He didn't have a car, but his roommate did and soon we had his number. Turned out, from the time I had traced my phone to the time we got to his place, he had gone to the store.

He had NO IDEA there was a stray coat in his car, but he went to look and sure enough, my coat with EVERYTHING still in the pockets was in his car. He drove to my apartment and an hour later, I had my coat, keys, and cell phone back!!!

And I was just as excited as I knew I would be... and I called my friends and family and told them I'd found it, just like I'd visualized.

Anyway... I know this a long email, but these things happen to me ALL that time. I use the principles you teach on your show and I know they work. I asked for excitement, and low and behold, it shows up in my life. Then I decide that excitement didn't exactly come in the form I would have preferred, however I did acknowledge that I'd asked for it. And I changed to the Universe where I had my coat back. And it worked. The whole sequence of being reunited with my coat yesterday seemed like such synchronicity. I felt like Harry Potter when he takes that Lucky Potion and everything goes his way.


  1. This is great and I believe every word. Very encouraging and empowering.

    Pamala, you're on to something big here! Other teachers are using phrases like "we are all states of beings at once" and "we can create a different world," to name two examples, but you are the only one I've heard to say outright, "parallel universes."

    I've written you an email once on this and am getting ready to send another when I get enough material to make it worthwhile. Keep on with teaching "parallel universes," and delving deeper into it. This is the "cutting edge," in my view.

  2. Thank you mxmyst. I appreciate you taking the time to send such a great and supportive message. I’m glad to hear you’re interested in parallel universes too. It’s a very cool topic, isn’t it? I’ll be developing a lot more information on the subject as soon as I can so that will be fun to share with you.
    I’m looking forward to reading your next message too. Thanks again for sending me such great words of encouragement. In-joy! Pam