The Donkey in the Well

A farmer had a favorite donkey that one day fell into an old, dry well. The neighbors rushed to help the farmer get his donkey out of the well. It was too deep for any of them to climb into the well to tie a rope around the donkey, and the ropes were not strong enough or long enough to reach the donkey anyway. After hours of looking for a solution, they finally decided it was hopeless. They worried the donkey would suffer a long tortuous death at the bottom of the well. So out of compassion, they decided to put the donkey out of his misery by hitting him over the head with a rock.  They started throwing rocks down the well.

After a while, they noticed a strange thing. Rather than being hit by the rocks, the donkey was dodging them and then stepping up onto them. This went on – until the donkey was up high enough to step out of the well.

So when it looks like "rocks" and challenges are being thrown your way, rather than succumbing to them, being overwhelmed, or feeling like a victim – step up and rise above them. 

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