Message to Lavenders

It's a positive thing for you Lavenders to allow yourselves to daydream. It helps you get in touch with your creative muse - and that is good for all of us. When you get your creative visions - please do what you can to bring those visions into physical form so the rest of us can enjoy those beautiful pieces of art too. We know you're sensitive and it can be challenging for you to feel safe or understood here - but you really do have a wonderful gift to bring beauty, gentleness, creativity, other-worldly art or soothing, peaceful music to us. We do need those energies here. Otherwise it can be too fast-paced and intense for us. So please trust that you have amazing creative abilities and love-filled gifts to offer us - ones that can touch our hearts and souls. I trust you had this very reason to come to the planet. You're needed here. Smiles & loving appreciation to you.

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