We Love You Davy

I feel so blessed & honored that I got to spend time with Davy Jones in this lifetime. He was/is such a special soul - with such a special & unique mission. I know many of us feel that he is a part of our youth, that we knew him and that he "belonged" to us - some how. So even though I know he is happy & free where he is, I'm still feeling a sense of loss and sadness. I love that he brought joy, laughter & music to so many of us. I am SO grateful that I got to see him perform & hang out with him for a little while before he went on. I just want to voice my appreciation for who he was/is and thank him for sharing himself with so many of us. We love you David. We'll see you later. Have fun where you are now. And we're sending love to your family - all beautiful souls too. You did good.

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