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Okay - so it's Friday afternoon. Time to play. What song or song title best shows your philosophy or feelings about life? You can give multiple answers, if you'd like. Mine are songs like "What a Wonderful World" (Louis Armstrong) and "This is It" (Kenny Loggins.) How about you?


  1. Dare to Live by Andrea Bocelli

  2. I love it Bill!!! Thanks for that one. Inspiring. Smiles, Pam

  3. Also, Your Moment Is Here by The Canadian Tenors

  4. I have to go listen to both songs. I love the titles! It's so great that your life view is so positive and inspirational. ; )

    1. "Dare to Live" is on the CD The Best of Andrea Bocelli: Vivere. I might have given you a copy back in Nov 2007. "You're Moment Is Here" is from the 2010 Winter Olympics & viewable on YouTube.

  5. Thank you Bill. I'll look through my CDs and find Vivere. Thanks for reminding me. And I'll check out Youtube for the other one. Good idea. Happy week to you!

  6. Your previous comment of "positive & inspirational" made me chuckle 'cuz I'm a Yellow/Violet -- In Nov 2005 I heard the song "I Believe in You" by Il Divo (with Celine Dion) on their Ancora CD, I'm pretty sure I gave you that in 2007. The words & music re-kindled something in my Soul that my Violet yearned to express. I listened to that song everday and after much prompting by my Violet I scheduled a session with you. My colors, my Soul & I are deeply grateful for your guidance & perspective ... your caring & gentle encouragemtnt ... your gifts, insigts & wisdom -- with thanks, gratitude, appreciation & love -- Bill B

  7. It's a German song. "Bitte hör nicht auf zu träumen" by Xavier Naidoo. (It means "Please don't stop dreaming"). It's my theme song for making a change in this world.

    Please do not stop dreaming,
    of a better world.
    Let's clean it up,
    rebuild it as you want it to be.

    You are the future,
    you are your happiness.
    you are dreaming in the highest altitudes,
    and returned safely to the ground.
    And I'm here for you,
    you for me.
    From your very first hour on, I believe in you.