A Year on the Magical Path with Marc Allen

Anytime I find something cool to pass onto you that could change your life & help you live your dreams, I'll share it with you.

My friend Marc Allen, who became very successful in a very "simple & easy" way (I love his style) is offering a teleconference series based on his new book coming out in the Fall: A Year on the Magical Path with Marc Allen. Marc is a great writer and teacher, and has built a great company from the ground up: New World Library, publisher of my books as well as Eckhart Tolle, Shakti Gawain, Dan Millman, Joseph Campbell, Bernie Siegel, and many others. He says he has done it all by applying some very simple principles & practices — so simple he calls them magic. I highly recommend his course — prepare yourself for some miracles! 

Check it out here: http://bit.ly/vHVs96

Marc calls it The Magical Path, because the results are truly miraculous. This course is for anyone -- anyone is capable of creating magical results -- but it's especially powerful for artists, young people, and the overworked, underpaid, overwhelmed, or hopeless lazy.

If you can't make the live webinar, you can listen to a recording, and work with both the print material and the audio recordings at your own pace. At the conclusion of the course, you will receive a signed copy of the new book. It's a Harry Potter for adults -- with real magic!

Just click here: http://bit.ly/vHVs96


  1. it would be wonderful if you made a forum where people can discuss all the aura colors!

  2. I"ve had many requests for that feature. I've been really busy with so many things - but let me find out from my web guy if we can set something like this up. Thank you for your suggestion. I hope I can get it done - I would love to see that too. Happy 2012!