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I've Created a Forum on Aura Colors!

So many of you requested that I create a place where you could meet one another and chat about the aura colors and other topics. So I’ve created a forum or chat room for you to enjoy. I will join you from time to time. I hope you enjoy this space and will create a fun and lively place to connect with each other. Just click on the "Forum" link on the top of my website www.AuraColors.com.

Some ideas for you consider:

I know that you Violets are going through an extra challenging time right now. Since we’re in the Violet age, many of you are being “squeezed.” Maybe you can help each other come up with ideas on how to flourish in (not just survive) these times.

You Blues are such loving and supportive counselors. Maybe you can offer some guidance and compassion for people who might be struggling. Or since you’re also so psychic, maybe you can offer some intuitive insights?

Yellows – you’re so fun and humorous. This could be a great way to help us all laugh and see the light side of life.

Indigos, Lavenders, Crystals, & Magentas – you see life from such a creative, spiritual, and unique perspective, maybe you can weigh in on what you believe are the positive transformations happening on the planet and offer creative, out-of-the-box solutions.

Tans & Greens – maybe you know some practical steps we can take to help us feel more secure and stable while life around us appears so shaky and unstable.

Reds & Oranges – since you usually take practical, physical actions to solve problems, what have you been doing to make your life work?

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