A Handful of Salt

There's an ancient story about a student who was moaning and complaining to his teacher about how much pain & distress he was in. His teacher asked him to pick up a handful of salt and put it into a glass of water. Then he told the student to drink it – which the student did.

The teacher asked him "How does it taste?"

"Bitter," replied the student.

"Now take a handful of salt and put it into this deep, fresh water lake near us." The student did as he was instructed. The teacher stirred the lake water with a stick.

"Now," the teacher said, "Drink some water from the lake." The student knelt down and drank from the lake.

"How does it taste?" asked the teacher.

"Clean and fresh," replied the student.

"It is the same amount of salt – the same amount of pain," said the teacher. "The difference is the container in which you hold the salt or pain. If you see your life as small and insignificant, any amount of pain will feel overwhelming and bitter. If you see yourself and your life as expansive, awesome, and from a larger, grander perspective, pain will seem much less significant."

Who you really are is much greater than any problems or challenges that can come into your life. 

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