Words of Wisdom from Elders

A while back, I watched a group of people 80-100 years old being interviewed on TV. They were asked if they could change anything about their past and live their lives differently what would that be. Quite a few of them answered that they wouldn't have taken life so seriously - that they would have enjoyed life more. Their comments really stuck with me - and I do my best to remember their insights. So here's to all of us enjoying life more and not taking it all so seriously - especially around this time of year. Much love, joy and giggles to you all!


  1. Great post... do you have any advice for Violets trying to find their life purpose? Do a lot of Violets struggle with this? I get fairly stressed out about it and envious of my two Green friends who are studying in fields that will instantly land them jobs (medicine and engineering). I feel rather lost. Thanks for your time and amazing work.

  2. HI Haley, Have you read my book Life Colors?? I wrote a lot about Violets and their life purpose, career directions and more. You can also see a long post I wrote in my blog about Violets and the challenges they're having right now and what they can do about it. I wrote it a short time ago - so if you scroll down, hopefully you'll find it. You can also find radio shows I've done about Violets on my site. Just go to the Radio Show archives and look for Violet topics. I hope some or all of those resources will help in some way!!! I know you Violets can get stressed about your direction and believing in your big visions. Let me know if you find any of those things and that they helped in some way. Sending you hugs and lots of support!

  3. Yes! I got it over the summer. Maybe I should reread my chapter again. Thanks for telling me about the radio show... I went through some of the archives last night and listened. Very helpful, thank you. Do you know of any other authors who write about auras?